Hand Tremors Resulting From Stroke

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Gromit33 | 15:50 Tue 04th Nov 2014 | Health & Fitness
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Hi all,
My friend in her early 60s had a stroke some years ago and is now experiencing tremors in her hand. The problem for her is that she is a professional photographer and uses a lot of editing software on the PC- the use of the mouse is becoming nearly impossible for her due to the tremors. She has trialled a tablet and pen to see if she could use this, but no joy.
Does anyone have any experience or recommendations as to some alternative tool which she could use?
The consultant she saw recently just said to get a new hobby :-( This is her livelihood, not a hobby.
Thanks in advance.


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How about a laptop where she might be able to manage the touchpad?
Has she seen an Occupational Therapist or a Physio? There are things that can be done to "damp out" tremor and adaptations that can be made to equipment to help but she needs to see someone who knows this stuff which consultants generally don't although they should know enough to refer on to the "person what does know" Her GP might be able to refer her for help, or she could get back in touch with the stroke clinic (she did go to a specialist stroke clinic? most of them have specialist OT's and physio's attached?)
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Thank you both Danny & Woofgang, I will speak with my friend and hopefully get something sorted.
At the risk of getting shouted at, it does occur to me that at 60 she might consider retiring ?

I suspect 'shake removal' from mouse activity might be specialised bit of software. Try a web search to see if there is anything out there.
If there is nothing that is ready made that could help, ask the physio/O.T. to refer onto the REMAP charity, which is brilliant at fashioning custom made things to help in these kind of situations. Has lots of (mainly retired) volunteer engineers on board who enjoy a good problem solving challenge.
i can second recommending remap - they made me some great gadgets for looking after my baby for things i couldn't do
Never heard of remap but how brilliant.
The only thing I would say is that Remap can be brilliant and it can be.....well less than brilliant. I have known a Remap person re engineer a walking aid in a way that made it unsafe.
I can't help with the photo equipment but would like to point out that hand tremors can also be a sign of a drastic shortage of potassium in the body and can be eventually fatal as it causes the body to shut down.
I would suggest a blood test just to clarify the situation.
I have a brain tumour and suffer such tremors now and again, usually the more I try to do things or if very tired. I have resigned myself to the fact that I have this now, and to cope I limit my activities. Remember it is a neurological isn't something you can just switch off.

That said, when discussing this with my neurologist once, he did say that in some instances people with this happening to them MAY get relief with being prescribed drugs for Alzheimer's. Might be worth asking, but if she has to give up work, she has to, simple as that.
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Thank you so much to everyone for replying. Will take a look at everyone's comments. Thanks again.

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Hand Tremors Resulting From Stroke

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