Stroke And Ibs

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mintymow | 19:14 Wed 29th Jan 2014 | Health & Fitness
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Does anyone know if there is any research that links Stroke and IBS. My husband had a stroke in 2012 and has had bowel problems ever since. It may now be possible that he has symptoms of IBS. Loud rumbling/gurgling noises from his stomach which mostly start about 10 minutes after he starts eating and can go on for some time. He says he's not in pain but is aware of the feeling of wind movement inside, lots of gas. Alternate constipation and diarreoh (sp ?) Appetite is good. Have mentioned it to doctor who suggested the IBS but no medication just keep and eye on it. Should I push for tests to check for anything else?


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I know of no link between IBS and strokes.

IBS is a disease diagnosed by excluding other conditions.

Yes i would suggest that he sees a gastro-enterologist for investigations, although I do agree with your GP that nothing sinister comes to mind.
yes do see a doc. My experience of working with stroke patients is that yes post stroke they often do have digestive issues. It was thought when I was working with them (more than 15 years ago now) that the cause was muscular problems in the bowel related to the muscular problems in the limbs and trunk. I can't find any research into this though.
I watched Food Hospital last night,there was a young lady on there with IBS,she changed her diet and was much better.
I have been very involved with a stroke patient for more than 10 years. Spent part of today at Addenbrokes with them and research in connection. In all this time nothing linking strokes with digestion.

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Stroke And Ibs

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