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Skin Spot Info Needed

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bizzylizzy | 12:02 Wed 14th Aug 2013 | Health & Fitness
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I started Googling this but as usual all sorts of scary results came up as they always do :-) I have a very small slightly red bump on my leg. It's not really raised, it looks I've noticed that it's been there unchanged for several months now. It doesn't look 'nasty' it's almost as if there's a small flat plate of thickened skin underneath it. It sounds awful when I describe it, but if it hadn't been there for a while I wouldn't be wondering why it hasn't gone away. It hasn't got bigger, it doesn't itch. It isn't even that big, just 3-4mm across. I wondered if it may be some kind of scar tissue from a bite or possibly Just wondered why it hasn't disappeared that's all. Any dermatologists out there :-)


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Sqad might help (though I remember him saying he was rubbish at dermatology!).
I suppose the worst thing would be a 'rodent ulcer' from your description but I am not medically qualified, I just remember my mum and dad had them, treatable, no problem.
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It's not nearly that bad yogasun, it's pretty flat, just a really very small flat hard area under the skin. No bigger than a small insect bite. But thanks ever so for your response, much appreciated.
I'm sure Sqad will help then when he sees your post :-)
LOL...yogasun is correct.....I am rubbish at Dermatology, but just enough to know that it is a big deal, probably actinic keratosis.(sun damage)
Just keep an eye on it for the next 4 or 5 months.
Ooops"...sorry should have typed "NO big deal."
Question Author
Thanks Squad. I never go out in the sun, but I think I made it sound worse than it is. It's a very small area, almost flat and you only feel the little hard area under the skin when you run your finger over it. It's like scar tissue. Was just fazed by the fact it's slightly red over the top. But not in an angry way I hasten to add. If you taughten the skin it ceases to be red and is just slightly darker than the actual skin pigment. I'm sure it's just a bite that's left a slightly thickened area of scar tissue, but because it's been there a while I just wondered what it was. Your first message gave me a nasty turn, but thanks for adding the NO big deal in your second :-)
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Apologies for not spelling your name properly - thanks Sqad :-)
Well, thanks for your reply........just watch it over the next few months.
Question Author
Will do, thank you Sqad :-)

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Skin Spot Info Needed

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