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Debilitating Hip Pain...

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sandyRoe | 07:28 Mon 15th Jul 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Co-codamol 30-500 offers little relief. If untreated, would the sufferer of severe hip pain be unable to walk?


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* be eventually unable to walk?
Depends on the cause. anti inflammatories like ibuprofen on top of the co codamol it might help if there are no contra indications. if it is arthritis and the joint is severely damaged it might need a replacement Where exactly is the pain if it is on the outer part its more likely to be muscle or nerve pain, on the inside towards the groin more likely arthritis (I have it in my right hip its very sore but not so bad I can't keep mobile) GP for a pain killer review and a referral to a physio might help as a next step in case it is a postural issue . From there possible referral to an orthopaedic surgeon
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It's on the inside. It's taken me more than a year to get her even to agree to go and see the doctor who prescribed the co-codamol and gel.
Sounds like arthritis... its a pity if she is resistant to getting help a replacement can transform your life. after recovery she could be pretty much pain free. All you can do keep trying gentle persuasion as eventually the joint can fail then immobility becomes a real possibility more likely it could become unstable and 'give way' so she could have a fall. We used to get a lot of admissions with the 'gave way ' story
Yes, if this IS due to Osteo-arthritis, her disablity will increase until she will be unable to walk.
As rowan says......she needs to see an Orthopaedic surgeon.
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Thank you both. I'll show her this later today but still don't see much hope of her doing anything about it.
If she is very independent and she sounds it it is her best chance of staying that way

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Debilitating Hip Pain...

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