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One For Sqad - Any Advice Would Be Very Much Appreicated - Thanks

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BRIGHT SPARK | 13:23 Wed 24th Apr 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Mrs Bright Spark here:

On 10th January I visited the Dr with slight ear ache, she diagnosed TMJ. The following day I visited the dentist for a routine check up and told him about this problem, he looked at my teeth took an x-ray and diagnosed nerve pain from a back tooth - he said that this was caused by food and drinks leaking into the verve. He told me it needed to be filled - however, during the filling he had a problem (tooth had already been over filled) and it needed to be extracted - after3 attemps and with a change of instrument it came out.

I had extreme pain for 4 weeks, changed my dentist and he diagnosed, dry socket and confirmed TMJ he also took 6 x-ray checked for reasons as to the continuous pain. He also said because of the force of the tooth extraction etc it was normal to experience pain in the jaw, ear. face etc and it would settle down - it hasn't.

I do have an impacted wisdom tooth, which dentist no 2 said was not a problem, but did check it out.

I'm suffering severe ear pain, made worse by cold weather, loud noises, I have pains in my jaw, check bones. Wearing ear muffs helps with ear pain - but now the weather is improving I look quite daft in furry ear muffs.

My ear feels as if it's full of fluid and also sometimes feels as if it's being clamped together.

I've found eating (this is be accident) extra strong mints relieves the pains in the check bones.

I find it difficult to sleep, not through any of the above, I haven't sleep well for years, but if I have a particular bad night, I seem to suffer more with the ear ached.

I am awaiting a referral to an ENT.

Sorry if I've waffled on, but if you could send me your opinion I would be very very grateful.

Have a nice day


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Well......if you have earache, then someone should have looked at your eardrum.If that was abnormal, then that would be the cause of your pain.

If your eardrum was normal, as your GP said.then the likeliest cause for your earache would have been dental and that has been dealt with.

Two things come to mind.

1) A part of the tooth pushed into the sinus........unlikely
2) A chronic maxillary sinus infection.

An ENT referral should sort it out for you.
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Mrs Bright Spark again

Thank you so much for your answer, I'm getting abit concerned after reading about maxillary sinus infection, especially has I have very slight headaches and read that it can travel to your brain.

It was a back molar that was extracted, I don't know if this would make any difference.

I took a course of anti-biotics last week should this have cleared it up.

I read from one of your previous answers that Nytol are very good to add sleep and are an antihestimine would this help. If not is there any product that I can buy over the counter. Do you think it will clear up naturally, it's been 3 1/2 month now.

Thank you once again.
Don't worry......i have never seen a maxillary sinus infection "travel" to the brain in 40 years of your case it is a non starter.

\\It was a back molar that was extracted, I don't know if this would make any difference.\

No, not to my thoughts.

Antibiotics should have cleared it up if it was a sinus infection, but if the sinus is blocked, then the pus would not be able to drain away. An ENT surgeon with the help of X-Rays would help diagnose this condition.

Yes.....Nytol might help you sleep, but i would have thought that Ibuprofen 600mgms might well be a better pain killer.
Question Author
Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

I've been taking Ibuprofen on and off since 11th January - how safe are they to use on a long term basis.

We're off to Spain in 14 days, do you think I will experience any problems with the flight.

Thank you again - you're a star.
No help to offer but sorry to hear what an awful time you have been having. I dont think there is much worse pain than in the head area ie ears and mouth. Sounds as though you have been through the mill xx
""Thank you again - you're a star. "

Yes I know ;-)

"We're off to Spain in 14 days, do you think I will experience any problems with the flight. "

In Spain, you can buy over the counter Ibuprofen 600mg tablets.

Might i suggest 30 mins before take off both ways,you use Vick's nasal spray to both nostrils.

Have a good holiday.
Question Author
Up with ear pain again - have been inhaling obas oil to try and ease sinus pains but made the ear worse.

Would ear wax cause the same pains, my husband 'Brightspark' was poorly just before Christmas and the same Dr didn''t notice ear wax was the problem. It was Brightspark that was insistent that the problem was ear wax and they eventually syringed his ears, after 2 weeks of constant pain and various tablets and it transpired he was right it was a build up of earwax.

I'm sorry to be such a nag - apart from ibuphropen is there anything you could recommend. I've Been taking ibuphropen on and off since January and now worried about taking so many.

Off to the GP in morning, I'll be on his Christmas card mailing list soon.

What treatment is done for a blocked maxillary sinus infection - do you think another course of antibotics would help.

Thank you so much for your advice up-to-date.

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One For Sqad - Any Advice Would Be Very Much Appreicated - Thanks

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