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Anyone On Pregabalin?

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Eve | 18:02 Wed 02nd Jan 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Ive been on it for quite a few months now and it has really helped with general fibro pain and other things.

I take 75mg twice a day, once first thing and the other before bed.

For the last month or so I've had very detailed dreams - I've always dreamt and had vivid dreams but these seem to be every time I sleep and can be very involved (eg actually doing specific work in detail).

I'm obviously sleeping though it's getting a bit tiring now as it doesn't feel mentally like I've slept as it's like going from one (non) reality to actual reality in waking up and as the dreams are so vivid and in detail (and some quite upsetting) they tend to linger and it can get a bit confusing sometimes having to remember that some things were a dream.

I've had other issues with an increasingly dry mouth (waking up with that almost like after general anaesthetic feeling) and am up and down in the night quite a lot at the moment - when I wake up I need to have a drink, apply lipsalve etc... to try and get comfortable again, then getting comfortable again pain wise. This can lead to a number of different vivid dreams (though some continue) which exacerbates the feeling of feeling quite drained mentally from waking up.

As sleep is really important for me, I wondered if anyone else on pregabalin or similar drugs had found the same and whether they found any way around it, such as taking them at different times or in different doses or knocking yourself out by other means.

It may be one of those benefits outweigh the side effects things but it would be good to know if I can get some relief from it and some more peaceful, less disruptive sleep.


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Question Author
Apologies in advance for anyone who replies tonight if I don't answer until tomorrow, soo sleepy so going to get myself up to bed and hopefully catch up on some sleep (fingers crossed for a good night!).
I have no personal experience - but, in the absence of any other replies here, I'd be happy to ask some of my clinical colleagues for their opinions (on a 'no name' basis obviously) - let me know if that would be helpful

dave x
Question Author
Aww bless you Dave, that'd be great. Got lots of sleep lsdnight thank goodness, woke up a fair bit but went to bed so early I was more chilled about it :) x

It does say if you read down under adverse effects, one of the side effects is vivid dreams.

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Anyone On Pregabalin?

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