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Swollen Eye

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Eve | 18:14 Wed 19th Sep 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I took this while it was swollen to show the eye clinic when I go back in October but thought I'd stick it up on here in case anyone had any more thoughts. It seems to link in with the blurred vision I've been having and comes on in the evenings (as does the blurred vision).

It seems to swell up over and under - please excuse the skanky photo, not exactly looking my best!

It seems to be better on steroids, calmed down when I had an injection, came back as it wore off and arthritis started flaring up again, and similar with oral steroids as I had a few days gap inbetween prescriptions, so I'm wondering if it's something inflammatory related as I have inflammatory arthritis. My field vision tests were ok and they looked in my eyes and dilated them with drops (though no blurred vision at time of tests). Bloods they did were ok (FBC, kidneys and glucose, both fasting and general).

They thought it might be eye spasms and I got new glasses with quite a different lense prescription but it hasn't helped.

Any ideas welcome!


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Well 2 things spring to mind a) allergy b) secondary to sinusitis.

My money would be on a).
I was going to say it could be an allergy but the ex hospital porter beat me to it :-)
have they ruled out iritis?
I too was going to say allergy x
MrsO......"head PORTER" please.
Sqad - my humble apolologies xx
bednobs - iritis - don't you get a distinctive mother-of-pearl effect on the conjunctiva? don't get peri orbital swelling in iritis....................although i am bu99er all use at eyes......
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Allergy would make sense as it seems to be evening related - ie when I'm at home, the blurred vision too!

I've had quite a few sinusy symptoms but I put it down to it being hayfever symptoms and my immunology tests had me down as having allergies to certain grass stuff and trees and such and well as other things, they said oral allergy syndrome. initial horrible thought is whether it could be cat related! I've had her for nearly 3 years though and this is only recent (well, months, since about May/June) and I had two cats before I lost one a few months ago. There is Spare Cat too who comes in and out. I had a cat before them too. Could it just come on? I came up as allergic to cats in my allergy testing at the hospital though I seemed to be desensitised to mine unless I get hair flying around nose/mouth like when getting cat hair off the carpet.
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Another thought, when my eyes do tend to be affected by an allergy they do swell but they go all horrible and itchy and watery and gritty - horse hair is the worst one. The swelling at the moment is just swelling and blurred vision, no pain or irritation or anything like that. They do look a bit funny in the photo on my actual eye but the eye itself is actually ok.

I've had opticians say in the past my eyeballs have been swollen and they are always dry.
The photograph resembles a few things:
- allergy - although this usually is both eyes affected it is often uniocular especially whn related to pillows with people who often sleep on one side only.

- insect bites. Usually no pain on touching compared to below.

- preseptal (periorbital) cellulitis. An infection which can be related to mild trauma, styles, sinus problems amongst other things. I am unsure if there is any evidence if cellulitis can be related to arthritis.
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Thanks York for you advice. It's both eyes and has been happening for months now. Allergy seems to make the most sense (could an infection have lasted that long on and off?) and I am allergic to quite a few things (had a load of tests done at the immunology dept at the hospital before an operation as they needed to rule out a latex allergy.

I have oral allergy syndrome and tested up for cats, horse hair (really bad with that) certain trees/grasses, nuts, apples etc... as main groups which extend to other things too.

My eyes aren't sore on the eyeball but feel swollen. I will try an antihistamine to see if it makes a difference, I had been taking one in the morning for hayfever and sinus like symptoms but stopped recently with the change in weather.

Is there a particular antihistamine which is best to try? I think different ones work better for different things?
The wife had an identical eye,and it was caused by trying (for the first time) to take out contact lenses. she was put on antibiotics (not steroids) and drops as well, and it cleared up except for a "weepy" eye. She has a hospital visit booked for next month to try to sort it.
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Jenna - just a thought - do you wear glasses - sunglasses - or have recently changed the frame of your glasses ?

My neighbour had a similar eye condition, looks exactly the same as your poor eyes.................they found out he was allergic to his new glasses frames, it was a compound that was in the metal frame.

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Swollen Eye

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