ankle recovery?

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mazer | 19:46 Tue 20th Mar 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Last friday my mum dislocated her ankle, broke the fibula and fractured the tibula in 2 different places. Shes had an operation, now she has a cast and has spent the weekend in hospital. Shes 44 years old and would like to know when she could walk with confidence and play badminton (she loves it). The brake has really knocked her mentally just as much as physically. She is also having financial problems aswell. Oh and it was a curb that gave way just as she stepped on it, coppers took photos etc and said their might be a possible claim, what do you think?

Thanks :)


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I badly broke my ankle three years ago and have had to have a fair amount of surgery since to try and fix the problems I got from the break - I was very unlucky. From my ankle break and first surgery it took me around 3-4 months to walk without crutches and feel comfortable walking - I was not at full speed but doing ok and back at work. BUT it really does depend on the person and their healing ability and the amount of work they put in to get back to 'normal'. It is hard work getting your confidence back and it will take a lot of work and persistence but just keep reminding her that she will be fighting fit soon enough. You do sometimes feel like your getting no where for weeks on end then all of a sudden you realise your doing more and your feeling better - you just have to keep plugging away at it. As for the sport I would imagine that it will take some time. She will need to regain strength in the leg and regain muscle which will be lost the entire time she is casted and on crutches etc... The best thing is to ask the surgeon when you see them they will be able to advise best. I found that for months after my break my mood was quite low - due to not being able to do much, having to rely on people, money being tight etc... Try to keep her spirits up and if money is an issue get some advice from the citizens advice - they were a great help to me through all this financially. Hope she gets well soon and try to get her out of the house when you can and if you can to keep her spirits up! x
I broke my Tib and Fib back in 1994 when I was 44. Just before I was due to go into Theatre to have it pinned, the surgeon took a close look at my x rays and decided not to pin it, but to let it heal naturally in plaster.

I was in a hip to toe plaster for 6 weeks, then an above the knee plaster for 4 weeks and finally a below the knee to toe and "shoe" for the rest of the time. In total I was in plaster from June until November.
I had physiotherapy after that and had to do exercises every day. My ankle was fine by Xmas but a lot of hard work was needed to get it back to normal.

I think I was lucky not to have pins and plates but with physio and exercises, your Mum should have full use of her ankle.

I wish her well.

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ankle recovery?

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