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hyphersensitive vasculitis

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bethbilly | 22:35 Tue 28th Feb 2012 | Health & Fitness
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hubby diagnosed with above condition,rash type of spots started on legs with burning sensation followed by spots all over arms.started last oct after heavy cough and cold.doc refered him to specialist who said possibly cough medicine or cold remedies could have triggered it off.has had blood tests done and told they were clear , not to go back to specialist til may.doesn,t matter what he eats or drinks,rash and spots still flare up some times all over his sides as well .he has HBP and high cholest which is under control with medication .his doc gave us prognosis leaflet which said in fifty%cases spots disappear in three months, not his case i guess! would be grateful for anyones input on his condition


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Hypersensitivity Vasculitis....a extreme skin reaction (possibly other organs) to a particular suggested in the case of your "hubby."

An unpredictable prognosis............"flare ups" AFTER 6 months not uncommon.

That's my sum knowledge of the disorder.......Google it for further reading, or get back to us if you are confused by the contents of links.

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hyphersensitive vasculitis

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