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Matheous-2 | 10:06 Tue 28th Feb 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Anyone suggest an effective external pain control method for a torn ligament,please?


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One must assume that the diagnosis of torn ligament was made by a professional and that surgical or physiotherapy has been instigated.

On that assumption Ibuprofen 600 mgms at a go should relieve your pain.
External support may be helpful too there are ways of strapping some injuries that support the natural movement while reducing the effects of any instability of the joint. Physios are often good at this and it can help with pain control
In addition to all the above, a pack of budget frozen veg wrapped in a tea towel and held against the skin also helps.
I sympathise. You may find that massaging the area with Devil's Claw ointment might help (Holland & Barrett sell it). It takes a couple of days before you feel the benefits, but it does work. It's slower to take effect than Voltarol and the like, but unlike them it's OK to use it in conjunction with NSAIDs like ibuprofen pills. Good luck.
Matheous.....oooops! sorry......just seen the word "external"..............

I am not a big fan of "rubbing analgesic creams"
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Thanks all for your input. - mosaic, this is one my wife actually used with some benefit,however-I find it completely puzzling! What's the difference with using plain ice??

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