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Mobius1 | 12:56 Tue 26th Apr 2011 | Health & Fitness
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Ok, so I have a wart up my nose. My right nostril to be precise. I can't tell really, but I would say it is rooted about 6-7mm + up my nose. I visited my GP about it who told me because of how far up it is he couldn't remove it and strongly warned against trying to freeze it myself and so has referred me to ENT surgical at my local hospital.

Since then (approx 2 weeks) this wart has probably doubled in size. It now literally fills the entirety of my right nostril. I think it's infected as well. To this end I've made another GP appointment since surgery thing isn't for another month yet.

In the meantime, is there anything I can do to combat the infection? I have tried irrigating it with saline nasal spray but this doesn't seem to have done an awful lot. It's really depressing and has become just about visible now.


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oh, you poor thing. how quickly can you see your gp ?
Does it hurt? What makes you think it is infected? It sounds more like some sort of abscess that just a wart. Sqad (on here) is an ENT man. Hopefully he`ll be along soon to give you some advice.
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I have made a new GP appt for Thursday morning. They could have seen me tomorrow but I'm working. Thanks for the sympathy anneasquith, I feel very sorry for myself lol

The wart doesn't hurt. The reason I think it's infected is quite disgusting really, but basically if I try sniff up my right nostril it smells very unpleasant. Likewise, I have to keep a tissue handy because every now and again a clear yellowy liquid runs down that nostril. It's worst at night. When I wake up in the morning the whole area in the nostril is encrusted with a hard yellow substance that resembled sleep you get in your eyes only on a larger scale, and usually this is around my nose and above my mouth where it's come out and dried during sleep.

I omitted that since I figured it was TMI for the first post, at least now I can say you asked! Hence the reason I'd like advise on what to do about this in the meantime.
i cant really give you advice mob, im not a doctor, but is there anyway you could take time off work tomorrow to see gp sooner ? it musy be very uncomfortable, did the gp mention a nasal polyp ? keep us posted ,
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Don`t worry about TMI - doesn`t bother me! I`m not a doctor though. When I had an ENT operation they told me to sniff salt/water up my nose as you are doing. I don`t know whether they advise using anything else but personally, if I was in your situation) I might try addling a little tea tree oil or some other mild antiseptic (TCP)? to the solution.
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You know what anneasquith... I have just looked at pics of nasal polyps on google images and mine looks exactly like some of them, only more pink and bigger. As described, it is freely moveable. In fact, if I press on the side of my nose the whole thing will present itself out of my nostril until being pushed back up. It's also non-tender to touch.

To be fair to the doctor, it didn't look at all like it does now when I saw him. I myself thought it was a wart. So perhaps it is a polyp. It would also account for my loss of smell sensation (other than when sniffing hard) and the fact that it appears to be infected.
what is TMI ?
Well, is it a polyp or is it a wart, whatever it is is infected.
Polyps don't usually get infected.
Go to the chemist and get naseptin cream or an antibiotic cream and apply twice daily.

It is almost certainly an infected wart.
too much information

poor you, sounds horrible, hope you get it sorted soon
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Sqad - having read about polyps now, infection is caused by the mass block of the nasal passage which causes a build up of nasal fluid and a green/yellow discharge. This is building up and then leaking out which is exactly what's happening.

Of course my self diagnosing is a roulette but one of my main worries before posting here was the sheer size of this thing. It's far bigger than any wart I've ever seen and looks identical to pictures of a polyp whilst not looking like any typical kind of wart. If I knew any better I wouldn't be asking for advice, so like you say, either way it seems infected (possible with both problems - whichever it may be) and referral to ENT surgeon is required for polyp diagnosis anyway, which I'll go to in May as appointed.

In the meantime I'll have it looked at again by the doctor for my peace of mind and to make sure it doesn't deform my face lol
Mobius....polyps only get infected if they are long standing.....years even....and this is due to ulceration.

When you say your GP he would certainly have recognized a polyp.

If course it could be something as simple as a boil in the nose.

Keep us informed.
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I never did keep anyone informed... The growth got much bigger to the point where it began to stick out of my nostril. Sadly this didn't expedite it's surgical removal on the NHS. It was assessed by an ENT consultant in May who wasn't really sure exactly what it was, and I then had to wait a month until mid June for the op.

It was a general anaesthetic job and completely painless. They packed my schnozz afterwards and within 2 weeks it was completely healed and oh my good lord what a relief too; to be able to breathe normally again! It was sent for biopsy and was apparently very large (I could have told them that). Turns out it was a non malignant pyogenic granuloma. Not certain of the cause, and can recur but at least if it does I'll go straight to the docs and tell them to refer me to ENT asap.

Many thanks for all the replies I got!

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