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suzie1 | 01:42 Sat 13th Mar 2010 | Beauty
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has anyone heard of it and where can i get it from? GP does not know what it is? its for the use of severe eczema, my 2 year old has severe eczema on her face and her eyes are the worse, it looks like she has bruises but its red raw, and the provate g ointment was the only thing that worked on her and now i have non left, her eczema is coming back, my asian friend gave it to me and said she got it for her kids from pakistan, shes not aroun anymore, moves away, so i cant ask her for some more......Please this is urgent i need to get hold of some.


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Are you sure it's not for you to use on your face?
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No its not, its so funny i posted this at the wrong time, but hey it is for my daughter, and i just cant get hold of it, my face is looking a little less sore this morning, had rubbed in lots and lots of vaseline and will go out and buy aloe vera gel.
Vaseline is very good for diaper rash and scratches, burns etc. Why don't you show the chemist the baby and perhaps they could suggest something to use.
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Provate g ointment! has anyone heard of it and where can i get it from, was the question, baby has tried everything from e45 and oilatum to cetrabin and vaseline, nothin works but the ointment i mentioned.
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anyone heard of this cream thanks
Well I am from pakistan and suffering with psoriasis..My doc prescribed Provate-G cream to clear up the psoriasis on my forehead. Well I am giving you the formula this Provate-G contains and ask your pharmacist to give you the cream based on the following generic formula regardless of any name.

[Gentamicin:0.1%w/w, Betamethasone:0.05%w/w]
Well I am from Pakistan and suffering with Psoriasis...My forehead has red liasons with pustules so my doc has prescribed the Provate-G for my forehead. Well always look for drug with the generic formula instead of name as names can be different in every country so here is the Provate-G generic formula..write down on a piece of paper and go to your pharmacies and ask for the cream which has the following formula.

[Gentamicin:0.1%w/w, Betamethasone:0.05%w/w]

Hope this helps.
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