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lisafrench | 14:37 Thu 18th Sep 2008 | Beauty
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Please could someone suggest a name for a mobile beauty and nails business? I am thinking it should begin with A so that it is listed early in the phone book and etc. Any suggestions are welcomed!


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amazing nails and beauty?
georgeous 'r' us
one stop beauty shop
beauty full
heaven on earth
skin deep
the beauty box
the magic touch
beauty and the beach
The Beauty Spot.

Beauty and the Rest


doesn't begin with A - but going from your username - why not just call it 'Frenchies' ?

You may be aware that frenchies are sold in the beauty business, I think originally from the U.S., and are used to try & smooth out wrinkles, crows feet etc during the night. They stick on - a little like pre-glued brown paper. Plus, as a double whammy, French women are known to be chic, stylis, beauty-knowledgeable etc.
A French Manicure and more
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Wow thank you all. They are great. I really like The Beauty Spot or The Beauty Box. Also A French Manicure and more....

Thanks very much - there are lots of great ideas here!
i probs got the wrong person but lisa are u my sis lol
Question Author
No - unless your name is really Mandy!
lol sorry u just sound like my sis lol she is on here aswell although she could be that tinkerbell99 i know she loves that i have been looking for her for ages lol sory xxxx
Question Author
Thats ok! Made me smile anyway. Hope you find her. :-)
thank you : )

i wish i could help you with your question but i dot know anything about that sorry xxxx
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What do you think of Chic and Cheerful?
What about

"Altered Image"

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Ooo - much better than my one. Yes Altered Image is great.
if you want it to begin with 'A' maybe

A+ Beauty
All Style
At Home Beauty
Any Time Any Place Beauty
All Day Salon
Always Pampering
A to B Beauty
A to B Mobile Beauty
Auto Glamour
Mobile Glamour
Auto Chic

but others I like:

One 2 One
One 2 One Beauty and Nail
Chic on wheels
The One Stop Beauty Shop
Beauty and Nail 2 U
The Pamper Van
Pampering You
Beauty and Nail Home Service

4ever Beauty.

wouldn't a number get in before the A-Z??

I'd like a manicure, please :o)
Question Author
Wow there's loads there. Chic on Wheels - love that one. Also The Pamper Van! Thank you so much.
Question Author
Ha - good point. I'm sure they would be before the As. Thanks.
A trick is to use 2 As. Like AAltered Beauty to ensure high placent in phonebook. My friend has a business that is AAwesome .... He appears first in book!! My idea by the way!!

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