How do I get rif of Millia/ milk spots?

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Alcazar13 | 01:45 Sun 16th Sep 2007 | Beauty
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Hi there, does anyone know how to get rid of millia/ milk spots (tiny white spots just under the surface of the skin), without sqeezing them out and leaving a scar? I have many on my face, and I have been having them removed by a special electrolysis treatment in the North of England, called 'tapping'. I now live down in London, but nobody knows how to do this, and I can't keep travelling up North to have it done. All beauty salons I ask at say they have never heard of this 'tapping' technique.

So c'mon girls, is there anyone that can put me out of my mysery! Is there anything at all, (electrolysis or not) that will help? Thanx muchly alcazar13 x


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the cheap & easy way (may leave a scar if scab picked)
is ...steam face & get a sterile very sharp needle. inster gently where they are & tissue round fingers to squeeze it out. Then TCP to clean it up. Do not pick after if scabs..sKin should healy ok.
I'd be very, very careful about using a needle - risk of infection and scarring. Best DIY option is exfoliation - either using a scrub (Clinique 7 Day Scrub and Avon Anew are my favourites) or products with AHA or glycolic acid in them. These both help to slough off the top layer of the skin so it doesn't get congested and form milia (little cysts). Clinique Turnaround cream has AHA's in or try a home facial glycolic peel kit, such as L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise ReNoviste Glycolic Peel Kit. Both of these will take a few sessions to get noticeable results but are great long-term options. Also be careful not to use heavy moisturisers, which can congest the skin and cause milia - when my skin flares up I avoid moisturiser altogether (most dermatologists agree that skin is great at balancing itself and doesn't need lots of crap layering on it!). Hope this helps.
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Thanks muchly to both of your replies. I have had the needle version done to me during a facial at a posh clinic, and it leaves a divot where the annoying little spot used to be. So, I will try to avaid that unless I don't get any joy with the other ideas. The glycolic face peels sound gruesome, but I know they are gentle. I think a face peel coupled with exfoliation sounds like a brilliant idea.

Thanks again ladies, your help is much appreciated.

Alcazar13 x
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Electrolysis (\"remedial\"/\"advanced\") is the best method and will not leave \'pits\' \'divots\' if done properly.

For those living in London, Parkside Beauty Centre in Islington has 3 BIAE registered electrologists, at least 2 of whom are trained in Advanced Electrolysis as well as Epilation.

I\'ve been having successful treatment here myself. I wish I could suggest more places but it was hard enough to find out about this place when I was doing my research!

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How do I get rif of Millia/ milk spots?

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