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Anti ageing creams, night creams, day!

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Shoe_Lover | 02:49 Tue 13th Feb 2007 | Beauty
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I'm 22 and for the past 5 years I have used Dove soap and water to wash my face, occasinaly on drunken nights i use baby wipes. I mosturise with Astral as it suits my skin fine. I don't have bad skin at all, occasional spot when its the time of the month. But recently I'm seeing loads of adverts for mositurisers with added this and that, anti ageing creams, day creams night creams, eye creams and its scaring me! Whats the best age to start with anti wrinkle creams if any? is there a need for eye cream? Should I be using a separate mosituriser for night time? Its all so confusing! My skin seems to respond well to Dove, its slighty dry but nothing majoir. So what do u use and is there a need for all of this? Thanks in advance girlies!


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Cor u have the same problem as me! The best thing is try and not get too confused with all the different products-there are too many. U shouldnt use an anti ageing cream until you are about 30 and even then you shouldnt use anything harsh. Just use a simple day moisturiser with UV protection. Try botanics day moisturiser from boots, or simple (brand name) light moisturiser. You say you have slightly dry skin so use something light, maybe for sensitive skin. Garnier is good-try vitamin radiance or Garnier Fresh. Use something inexpensive and general, stop worrying!
i really cant give you a scientific answer and I have to say I am a sucker for all the adverts. My grandmother used soap and astral all her life and had the most beautiful soft skin - she died in her 90s.. Yes she had plenty wrinkles but she was in her late 70s when I have my first memories of her. what I did read was that it is important to have some kind of routine but not necessarily with expensive items with 'this and that' in it. yes, ensure you clean your face at night and due to central heating, sunlight etc you really should put some moisture back in your skin but use something you like rather than what the adverts tell you. I certainly do use and eye cream and at 37 not unhappy with my skin. seemingly for skin around the eyes you should use and actual eye cream as much 'lighter' than other moisturisers - and kind of tap the cream on rather than rub as this will stretch the skin. Sorry my info is a bit conflicting, do it and dont do it. To summarise, use what feels good currently on your skin, but yes and eye cream might be advisable. if skin is slightly dry with dove then perhaps try something else over the cold winter months.
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I'm a sucker for adverts and all that malarky! Thanks for your answer just sums up what I was thinking, I think I will use a eye cream but im steering clear of the anti ageing creams 4 now. Might thry that Garnier one!

Thank you x
When it comes to aging, you also need to look at your female relatives, mother, grandmothers, aunts, etc see how they're holding up.

The one place we all forget, treat your d�colletage - the area below your neck & above your cleavage - with the same respect as you treat your face & neck.
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One of the best anti ageing hand cream is Nyassa's anti ageing hand cream. This hand cream helps skin from getting dry and flaking off. It nourishes your skin and provides a natural glow to the skin.

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Anti ageing creams, night creams, day!

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