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What's the best all round toothpaste in your opinion?

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Trudyscrumptious | 10:37 Wed 04th Apr 2012 | Beauty
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I've been using colgate in the past and haven't been really excited tbh but as you know you tend to become monotonous and stick to brands you know not really ever venturing into something new unless your brand is out of stock. Anyway and was at a friends last night for dinner and used a blob of her toothpaste to rinse my mouth out (as coffee leaves a horrible film in my mouth) and had a "Wow" moment, i was impressed by the freshness and feeling of it, the brand was Arm and Hammer extreme whitening. Have any of you used this, is there better? I forgot to ask her where they sell it, do you know whether the normal highstreet shops sell it?


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I like Colegate blue gel...
Question Author
Care to elebaorate murrymints, what about cbg stands it out from the crowd?
My dentist has recomended Arm and Hammer smokers toothpaste to me even though I do not smoke.
My teeth discolour very quickly.
They certainly sell it in Tesco and at my local chemist. I have not tried other supermarkets yet.
Oddly I took my neighbour to the dentist as she no longer drives and the same dentist recomended another toothpaste to her.
I use arm and hammer. You can get in in Bodycare shops, but we have a local store where its cheaper. I like it even after trying others. My OH has to have Sensodyne as he has sensitive gums and it costs a fortune.
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*Oddly I took my neighbour to the dentist as she no longer drives and the same dentist recomended another toothpaste to her*

That's probably because you have different teeth with different treatments bradyja.
Have you used the arm&hammer toothpaste, does it work to whiten your teeth and does it have biacarbonate of soda in it?
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Theothehalf, which a&h do you use?
You've just reminded me that my teeth are sensitive on the sides, maybe i need to use the sensodyne to firstly clear that up and then move on to the a&h?
I remember my best dentist (sadly no longer practising) said that Sensodyne was the only one to us. But that was long ago and no doubt others are just as good. Oral B's new one is a good all rounder.
I think its just the standard one. I think you can get a whitener one, but luckily I dont need it. A small tube costs me 99p
Hi Trudy

I have only been using it for 2 weeks and it appears to work but I can not give you a long term answer.
It does have biacarbonate of soda in it.
I really think you have got to take guidance from your dentist as I think you are almost asking the equavlent to ''what is the best car on the market?. Different cars have suited me at different times.
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Bradyja, yes maybe you're right but i wont be seeing the denttist for a good little while (Fingers crossed) so i'll have to "Self medicate" for the moment and when i do see the dentist wait for him to say yes keep doing what you're doing or no, what the hell have you done with your teeth, stop what you're doing immediately, lol.
I have always used Colgate and now the whitening one and find it works fine for me. Only had about 6 fillings in my life and now in my 50s so it must either work or teeth are good uns. Why change if it works.
I must admit, my dentist did say I have very strong good teeth, They are as hard as tombstones he once told me. Im just 60 and have all my own teeth and only 2 fillings. I must be doing something right too.
Found that oral b toothpaste is really good, teeth feel really clean after using it
I use aquafresh ultimate which is very good, my dentist recently told me off for using a medium brush, he said all toothbrushes should be soft as they get into gaps better

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