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fairkatrina | 23:17 Sun 04th Apr 2010 | Arts & Literature
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Please help! My nan's got 2 original watercolours of cows by a lake (looks Swiss or something) signed by an artist called R Cooper. I've found a couple of his other works via artnet, one of the Sphinx and one entitled 'Pitcher Plant' which was a coloured engraving used to illustrate the Temple of Flora. If possible we'd like to know a bit about him, and the sort of price his works fetch. She paid half a crown for the two of them many many years ago! On artnet it's artist/592372/r-cooper if that helps, but there's no bio and to get any worthwhile info you have to subscribe, but the signatures on her paintings and those shown on artnet match, so it's the same guy. Thanks!


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I also have a painting by this artist and would love to know more about him but haven't had any luck. A while back I saw some watercolours of Venice by him on ebay but the gallery listing them didn't have any more information. They thought he was a 20th century artist but I feel certain he was 19th.

I wonder if he is the same artist as Richard Cooper Jr:,_Jr - the signitures are identical like with the picture of the Sphinx but they are similar and the style is similar. I have not been able to find a watercolor by Richard Cooper Jr although it says he did them. It also says he traveled in Italy which would fit with the Venice paintings on eBay.
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thanks for the info, I'd given up hope of getting a reply on this post! I'd like to think it was the same R Cooper but the signatures don't look that close. We may have to go to the Antiques Roadshow after all!!
I've occasionally kept looking for more info on R. Cooper. My landscape has a signature exactly like the one on "the Sphinx" you mentioned. I', less certain about "pitcher plant" since I can't find a signature.

Today I found this info (on this web page: http://www.bigskyfine...ooper-r/on-the-nile):

Reginald Cooper

On the Nile
Signed & bas droite
38cm x 19cm

Reginald Cooper was a painter and illustrator, chiefly in watercolour, of rural scenes and landscapes. He was a prolific artist between about 1929 and 1939 and many of his works have been reproduced as prints and postcards. His work is attractive and becoming very collectable. This is a stunning watercolour entitled On the Nile.

This is the same signature on my watercolor.

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Artist R Cooper

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