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simon cowell biography

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moranclan | 15:57 Mon 07th Dec 2009 | Arts & Literature
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my 10 year old son has just asked me for simon cowell's biography for christmas!! has anyone read this? and is it suitable for him to read? i.e no sex/language etc etc... i know i should read it myself before he does, but doing that in secret, so that he doesn't know he has it for a gift is gonna be kinda tricky.


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you should be fine with the new one:
don't get the one by his brother as it is abit rude, and the other two older ones are funny but in paperback they don't make as nice a present.
Buy it and either read it in bed, Work or when your little ones at school, Or if thats still a problem Print out a boring history book cover so that it covers over the original and you could be reading it right next to him and he'll never know. The perfect crime!
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thanks loads think i'll buy it and have a flick through when i can
Maybe he would like this

It is not onoe of those "thin" annuals there is quite a lot in it, looking at past winners. I have bought it for my teenage son.

Got it for the same price from Tescos

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simon cowell biography

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