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cazzz1975 | 22:08 Sat 15th Mar 2008 | Arts & Literature
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My daughters books contain a lot of enid blyton and jaqueline wilson books, she is asking for something a bit more mature, but Im not sure what kinds of books to go for?

she is 11


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Thanks annie!, some great links

she has got the lion, witch and wardrobe, the secret garden, I think she wants more best friends and sleepover related types now!

I will browse the link!!
This site has a very well-read (and opinionated!) reviewer. Some very interesting books are reviewed that are in the age range you need.

Despite the lukewarm review, I'd try The Penderwicks!


Hi cazz., I have no children but when I was that age my mum got me into point horror and one of my all time faves To Kill a Mockingbird.
I also loved Nancy Drew. These may all be dated now it was the 1970s but with Nancy being released as a film she may enjoy them
When I was a young teenager (11-13ish) I was into Point Horror and Point Romance books. I remeber Judy Blume being popular too. Oh, and The Babysitters Club :-)
There's a series of books called "The Sleepover Club" by Rose Impey. I haven't read them, but they seem to be popular in our libraries.

Louise Rennison's series "The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson" and Echo Freer's "Magenta Orange" stories are very funny diaries of teenage girls, discussing most teen issues and getting into more than few scrapes. There's a bit of snogging and some 'oh my god' talk about possible sex, but it's not gratuitous and should be OK for a mature pre-teen.

For something a little more serious in the way of subject matter, Anne Fine is OK. I find her books a little predictable and anti-climactic, but your daughter may like them if she enjoys the like of Jacqueline Wilson. Also, Hilary McKay's stories about the artistic Casson family - "Saffy's Angel", "Indigo's Star", "Permanent Rose" and "Caddy Ever After" are a gentle, warm but lighthearted set of stories that deal with family issues. Charming, I think, is the word for these.

I'll also cite a favourite book from my own childhood - Vivien ******'s "The Haunting of Cassie Palmer". It's a ghost story and still one of the best of the genre that I've read. I read it again a few weeks ago, and it's lost nothing for time.
Oh dear! Children's author censored.

That should read Vivien A1c0ck. :-D
Hi Cazz - I find this a really useful site when buying books for children other than my son, books for 10 -15's with reviews written by 10 -15's
Hi, im 16 so its not too far back for me to remember being 11. At present i am reading 'The Declaration' by Gemma Malley. I think it is good but aimed at somebody a couple of years younger than myself, like an 11 year old. hope ive helped.
i dont know kind of depends on what style of books she likes, but Louise Rennison is quite funny, but if she likes thriller, suspense and similar things like that Alan Gibbons is quite good, but one of my favorites is David Almond, i dont know if she would like them but his book Clay is soo good!

Anyway, hope ive helped ^^
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Hi guys, thanks for the replies!!

it doesnt matter how dated the books seem, I think its irrelevant I suppose after all she read loads of enid blyton books that were written a long time ago!

I will have a look at the nancy drew series, and try some of the other suggs, its easter hols now so we will hit the library!

thank you for all your answers

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