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How Would You Save The World?

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tree_hugger | 01:35 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Arts & Literature
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Hello, I'm planning to write a book, and I want to ask people from all around the world on how they would help save the world.
How would you help save the world?
Your answer can fall into these categories:

The Environment

I'd love to hear you answer, and I'll add your name in my book along with your suggestion. (Though it might take me a while to finish the book.)

Thank you! E-mail me at: [email protected]


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people - put bach rescue remedy in the water supplies.

put prosac in the water supply, and fluoride.
Put people without any original ideas in the water supply.
Assasinate George W Bush?
Get rid of you humans. I,cleverly,resigned from the Human race years ago.
PS. Why does Anne Robinson always talk about the 'Animal Kingdom'? Surely we Animals have more sense than to have a Royalty.
If i could.... I would rid the world of old age. All of its horrible effects( or is it- affects-, I can never remember). I would have it so when you hit 30 your body does not age anymore than that. That is just in the perfect world , right!?
people--make it the law for each person to do one kind deed a day, if they fail they have to do a day full of as many good deeds as possible, obviously exceptions would be made for anyone who was sick.

animals--better preservation programmes for endangered species

environment--for every tree that's cut down, one must be planted in its place and another one where there is space
Get rid of all the politicians firstly - then make sure there is an even distribution of wealth so that everyone has decent housing, a job, education, etc. and make sure everyone does something useful for the human race i.e. remove all those freeloaders who spend obscene amounts of money on fashion, etc. and get rid of organised religion - causes too many wars. Raze all addictive drugs and where they are grown to the ground. Make everyone recycle and get rid of disposable nappies as well!!!! Phew! that's me done.
mass murder 5 billion people, believe it or not, the UN are secretly planning to do this via the release of mass plagues.

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How Would You Save The World?

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