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Lady Jane Grey Portrait

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Drusilla | 22:39 Tue 17th Jan 2006 | Arts & Literature
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It has been suggested this may be the only surviving portrait of Lady Jane Grey, the 'Nine Days Queen'. I'm interested to know what name is given to this style of portraiture?



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Lots of court painters in Tudor times came from the continent..Holbein for example ..who painted several portraits of Henry VIII. He painted in the northern renaissance style.But his early work is rather flat as is this portrait.I am not being a lot of help !! But. if you are interested in this type of thing as I am then this website is great.

....... and here is the end of Lady Jane ............

(With apologies to Tatty !!!!)
Question Author
Thanks for the pictures. I have to admit I thought Tatty had adopted a pseudonym.


The national portait gallery think there are others

in fact they think there are 9 portaits - 3 are ficticious 1 is "called Lady Jane Grey" and one was "formally identified" as her leaving 4 in their collection

What fun !! Apology and a pseudonym together !! But isn't shaney's link interesting? I've never come across that portrait of Anne Boleyn here before.

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Lady Jane Grey Portrait

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