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For The Budding Ab Crime Writers

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Hazlinny | 21:17 Fri 10th Nov 2023 | Arts & Literature
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Thanks Hazlinny.  I write all sorts of short stories and at the moment am heavily engaged on an historical novel; but I have written quite a few  murder mysteries and I know the Borders of Scotland well (apart from being half-Scottish). I'll put my thinking cap on.  😀

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Hope you enter Jourdain x

Hope you win Jourdain.

Thinking cap already on Hazlinny!

Half Scottish? Lightweight.

Now, here are the bare bones of what's to come:


Power mad pair become a couple for the optics, buy a camper and ruin an entire economy by way of their unholy alliance/power trip.

The apprentice takes over, has some issues with kid's schooling then loses in-laws in a war zone.

While all this is going on an underling clocks up international roaming charges on an iPad for whatever reason, the apprentice says it's all legit then underling decides to pay back the charges anyway.

Apprentice then cals for idiot English woman to resign to further deflect from his own pitiful charade of leadership which, as it turns out is merely the acceptable face of the status quo.

I doubt it'll win but, don't have nightmares. x


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For The Budding Ab Crime Writers

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