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steve bell

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atrollope | 02:21 Fri 02nd Dec 2011 | Arts & Literature
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I love his Cartoons..I would love to have some Cartoons by different Artists,from days gone by..they can say a lot of things subversively..and Brilliantly.and be extremely funny.

Who are your favourite Cartoonists..and are you able to post your favouriite Cartoons ,please.


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have you got a link to an example, trollope?
everything he's ever done, more or less

He's a superb caricaturist; but he also does a "comic" strip that has no sense of humour at all, imo.
Matt Pritchett on the other hand is hilarious, every day
LOL, I like the Pritchett, jno, you should post that on the Clarkson thread!
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I've decided I'm not going to talk about Clarkson any more, I don't like him anyway.

I used to love Bill Tidy's Cloggies but I don't know if they're online anywhere.

Also Bristow


and Em is great
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jno..please..Steve Bells If... is Brilliant
it's popular among penguin fanciers, that's all I'm saying.
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Big fan of Martin Rawson too
I liked Bristow, too.
nope, hate Rowson's drawing style, he tries too hard to make everything look ugly and it all comes out really scratchy. I love Bell's (just not his sense of humour).
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I'm with Steve -Carl Giles by a million miles. I was fascinated by his cartoons even when I was small and couldn't understand their content. I have books of his annuals which make great comfort reading ona dark winter's evening.
Sadly missed and a talent never replicated.
Anybody remember Bloom County?

Bloom County, yes, well...
Q&A with Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury:

Q: I know Bloom County bugged you and I cannot figure out why. I mean, why didn't the old saw of "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery mean anything to you?
--Peter Zale, University Heights, Ohio

A: A critic for the Comics Journal once wrote that to call Bloom County funny is like complimenting a shoplifter on being a snappy dresser. Breathed borrowed from a variety of his colleagues -- even as he scorned their work. He once wrote a series of strips about two characters looking at clouds that was so clearly lifted from a legendary Peanuts strip that the Washington Post called him on it. His reply: It was an "homage" -- never mind that the Peanuts strip had appeared 20 years earlier and was not referenced. The line between emulation and theft is a fairly subjective one, but Breathed developed a poor reputation among his peers because of the specificity of his lifts -- and his arrogance when confronted with them.
just to add I clipped that from years ago; it's been taken off the site now.
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jno - is it possible to put up a pic of - Gary Larsons - Smart Ass,Dumb Bunny,please....all I can find,are folks flogging mugs with the cartoon on them..thanks..that one makes me chuckle.. :-)
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by heck!!..that was quick :-)

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steve bell

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