A Witch Student Who Isn't A Harry Potter Character

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Kradeiz | 04:20 Mon 06th Dec 2010 | Books & Authors
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A couple years ago I saw a segment on CNN about a foreign (Non-North American or English) writer who had written a book (maybe even a series) about a young girl who goes to a school for witches. She was supposed to have a wart on her nose, and I believe the picture I saw of her had red hair. I don't know if there is even an English version of this book, but does anyone know who the writer is (I do remember he's a guy) or what the book is called?


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Was it the Worst Witch with Mildred Hubble?
I was about to say the same, except that the Worst Witch books were written quite a few years ago, certainly when my lads were kids and they're in their late twenties now. And as far as I recall, she didn't have a wart on her nose.

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A Witch Student Who Isn't A Harry Potter Character

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