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cyanide | 11:08 Fri 18th May 2007 | Books & Authors
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I have just read Fred and Edie by Jill Dawson (fantastic book,loved it) but i wonder if anyone can tell me what is a stirabout,as in "when i`d drunk my milk and eaten my stirabout".Just curious,thanks.


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Some sort of porridge type thing apparently .....
A dish formed of oatmeal boiled in water to a certain consistency and frequently stirred, or of oatmeal and dripping mixed together and stirred about in a pan; a hasty pudding.
Origin Irish .
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Thank you,its what they ate in prison before bed.Oatmeal and dripping,yuck don`t fancy that! :-)
It's of Scottish origin, and is pronounced "Stiraboot"
Hi, Cy. Haven't read the book, but I know the story. Edith Thompson got a raw deal for sure.

As for stirabouts, sounds disgusting. Similar things would include grits (a kind of maize mash eaten in the southern states of the USA) and skilly (a watery porridge once eaten in English prisons. Must send you a recipe book :-)

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Oh yuck,i`ll pass if you don`t mind!The book is well worth reading,i`d like to know some more about her actually and i think i`ll follow up with the recommended reading.

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