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Rip Iain Banks

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daffy654 | 16:42 Sun 09th Jun 2013 | Books & Authors
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Yet another good author has just died.
R.I.P. Iain Banks, you kept me entertained for many an hour.


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As will I Tilly. The beginning of his 'Crow Road' never ceases to make me smile; "It was the day my grandmother exploded"
16:54 Sun 09th Jun 2013
RIP Iain.
The literary world has lost one of it's best. My thoughts are with his wife and family. RIP :(
A brilliant writer. I shall miss his books.
Just seen the news announcement. Feel very sad. I was shocked upon hearing his announcement of terminal gall bladder just a few months ago, in April. Thoughts to his family and especially his only just married widow.
I have bought my husband EVERY Iain Banks and Iain M Banks book ever written and he has kept them all. Such a sad loss of a brilliant author. He said a while ago that the book he was writing would be his last because of his illness. Does anyone know if he finished it?
"Will you become my widow?" I think that it such a touching question and reveals the strength of their relationship.

Despite persevering I have never managed one of his books irrespective of the genre.
As will I Tilly. The beginning of his 'Crow Road' never ceases to make me smile;

"It was the day my grandmother exploded"
@Kustard Yes, it was finished - called The Quarry - he was presented with a finished copy by the publishers a few weeks ago... The publication date is around now, there are some reviews of it available,....
I could never get into his books, but appreciate that many people will miss him.

Oh so sad, my condolences to his wife and family, his books will be greatly missed
Thanks so much Lazygun. I'll make sure I get a copy to complete the set. We even have his "The Whisky Trail" which is a totally different kind of book.
It was The Wasp Factory that got me hooked! I read it alone, sat outside my campervan on an otherwise deserted lonely campsite late into the night, I literally couldn't put it down, but had to keep peeping around me, startled by the slightest noise! What an experience! RIP Iain, I loved listening to you talking on the radio too - so enthusiastic and bright!
Although I'd met Iain regularly at SF cons, I regret that I never had a chance to chat : I shall miss his stories of the Culture - particularly the witty names given to their spaceships. (BTW I didn't know that he was really famous till I heard on the radio that his death was front-page news on the Telegraph :( )

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Rip Iain Banks

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