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Invictas | 17:29 Mon 31st Jan 2011 | Site Suggestions
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Dear Ed,
As the "Mark As Best Answer" facility doesn't seem to do anything(and according to older ABer's than me never did) could we have the star sysytem back.I have never seen it,but those same older ABer's seem to think it worked well and was liked by most people..


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The old system I think was somewhat better..... It worked. However, one could award three stars to a posting only to find a later posting even more deserving.

Consequently I don't like either system. I prefer to thank individuals appropriately.

I think the whole thing is silly. I was happy to get stars at junior school but I've moved on a bit since then. I do the grown up thing now and say thank you when it's appropriate.
it's slightly more than that naomi - for a factual question, the 'best answer' tag is a useful memo to others who have the same question and come across it via the search panel or Google.
Yes, I know that's the theory jno, but I don't think it's a valid one.
but big posts got tiresome given them all stars. Really no point in them.
...and endless posts about stars, giving stars, the number of stars, stars not given .....
///Yes, I know that's the theory jno, but I don't think it's a valid one///

I think the "theory" works - assuming you wanted this information, wouldn't you like to know which of these was considered "true" by the OP: http://www.theanswerb...s/Question503411.html ?

I will also say that 8,518 people visited that page in January - so potentially this information would have been helpful!

The Best Answer will stay, and we'll make it work, eventually!

8,518 people wanted to know the name of a song in a TV ad? The mind boggles, there must be alot of people with
a) time on their hands
b) the inability to use google
c) short term memory loss (in the event that the same people visitied it more than once)
actually, that is an interesting statistical statistic ed, could we have a little memo in the OP to indicate how many views/visits, it would be interesting (possibly)
Question Author
I agree with dotty,
On another Forum that I post on it says next to the OP username
Answers:~ 23
Times Viewed:~ 242
I don't know if this is possible,or if it achieves anything,but I just thought I would point it out.
Well, I can't say I'm gagging to know, Spare. I'd settle for understanding what any of them are talking about. Err .... or maybe not. ;o)
Point taken Naomi!

Dot, they did use Google, and they came to us...

Not sure what knowing he number of visits would achieve? I would like to have a facebook sharing button with a count of the number of "likes" a question has had.

Spare Ed
Question Author
Thanks Spare Ed,
I just added it for your info.
Yes, a likes button would be OK,but I am sure you have MANY other things to do first!?
On youtube there is thumbs up and thumbs down symbol you can click (to show if you like a question),if that's any help?
to eliminate mutual-back-scratching threads where everyone gets three stars for agreeing with the OP, maybe it could be arranged that only one post per thread gets a Best Answer blue plaque; if the OP awards one to a second post, the first post loses it.
Makes sense, as there can only really be one Best Answer.
What sort of person gives something to someone and then takes it back to give to another individual. ?

well, if a late answer is better than all the earlier ones, what else can you do? I can imagine getting up in the morning and thinking "Hey, what happened to all my gold stars?" but I would just have to learn to live with my grief.
Should there be a cut-off time? (i.e. 7 days)

If you only get one answer it must surely ALWAYS be marked as Best Answer.

But what if you then get a better answer a year later?
because, say, a better Clint Eastwood film has suddenly come out... I'd say update the best answer whenever it happens. Rigorous intellectual honesty is called for and pay no attention to the weeping children who've lost their stars.
I think a simple 'Like/Dislike' option for each answer would be more fun, lol.

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