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You opinion please. Must I take this off others? Why do trolls do this then act all hurt and innocent?

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R1Geezer | 19:47 Tue 12th Oct 2010 | Site Suggestions
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Was I unfair to Kendra here
this is what I said at 19:31, Kendra has reported me, unfairly in my opinion:
" Kendra, guess what there is a road near the sides and gaps in the fence for walkers etc, I guess your local course is in the out back eh?

It's you who is rude with your na na nana na "keep him in a lead" and the twee "no cars on my local gol course..... so there", why are you being obtuse and irelevant? Are you one of those people who thinks they are being amusing and then has a fit when others don't agree?

Where have you tried to help me? All you've done is take the pi55 with irrelevant bollux. If this is how you help don't bother kendra.

I don't use his section much didn't realise it was inhabited by trolls. "

Please be objective


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R1G - I wouldn't have bothered responding, or being upset by it. Some ABers often bob back with what they think is a witty comment (and to be honest, a suggestion to keep him on a lead didn't seem too extraordinary to me). I wouldn't have been bothered by it. IMO this is not trolling.
Question Author
do you think I asked the question without keeping him on the lead as a given.

I'm thirsty, Have yout tried water? See what I mean?

The intention is to try and be amusing and then act stupid when called out.
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Quite possibly, R1G, but givens aren't always what they seem in others people's perceptions. You may think it's obvious but clearly others didn't. What offends one will seem like normal AB banter to others.
Question Author
So we must all tolerate brainless trolls eh? That works both ways.
Hi I wouldn't take it to heart honestly, its not worth getting upset or angry over what people say on here. I used to get so mad if people said something I didn't agree with but have now learned to calm down (most of the time ha!)
I don't think you were being unfair but if I'm honest you do come across as feeling angry! Sorry!
Anyway I have no idea how you can solve the problem with your dog but I hope you do very soon. Take care.
Methinks you were a bit quick off the mark there R1.

I don't see how kendra suggesting you keep your dog on a lead makes her/him a troll, it made sense to me. If you cannot maintain control of said dog whilst off the lead regardless of where you are walking it, then it is posing not only a potential danger to others but also itself. I didn't see their reply as particularly rude.

Pusskin, karenmac and wolf63 also mentioned keeping the dog on a lead but you didn't tear a strip off them. You weren't exactly polite to wildwood either.

Just me being objective :)
Question Author
I don't care about people disagreeing what I hate is this "na na nana na", illerevant, "oh how amusing I am" type posting that seem popular among the trolls.
have to agree with miss nemesis there..
Their answer was not offensive and you only posted a single sentence as a question, you did not state in that question that you do keep your JR on a lead while near roads, I assume kendra was expected to be a mind reader and know this?

Anyhow, despite a perfectly fair comment about keeping him on a lead if you know he chases cars you choose to blow up in a little rage and throw your toys out the pram and you are now insulting people again by calling them brainless.

You've been suspended twice now for overtly aggressive comments on here, would have thought you'd wised up by now.
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Question Author
Keepng on a lead is as obvious as breathing, she was taking the pi55.
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Question Author
she sowed the wind chuck, I didn't start it.
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Where was it 'as obvious as breathing' in your original post that you keep your dog on a lead R1? My own dog was hardly ever on a lead, he didn't need it but I wouldn't expect ABers to know that.

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You opinion please. Must I take this off others? Why do trolls do this then act all hurt and innocent?

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