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zgma | 07:08 Sat 23rd Oct 2004 | Site Suggestions
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Would it be impossible to make a legitimate e-mail address a requirement for signing up as a user?  Then the user would have to wait for an e-mail and click a link to confirm their registration.


That way, these imposters would either not be able to have multiple usernames, or they would have to go to the trouble of using a different e-mail address for each false username (since their e-mail address could be banned if they behaved badly).  They'd be much more easily controlled.



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I think it is already the case that you have to use a different e-mail address for every username and unfortunately it has not stopped them.
i think they just delete there username and then add a new one,is this possible?good idea zgma on other sights you have to wait for an e.mail to be sent to you,its not exactly rocket science is it!!

Good ideas but as was seen yesterday they were able to hijack genuine names already in use and I was posting under my previous name and had it hijacked right before my eyes when they started posting replies to me in MY NAME!!!


My orig name of MrsCheeks has since been deleted in that I cannot access it at all BUT when I tried to re-register (suggestion by AB) I couldn't because it was in use!!!


Try working that one out lol!

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