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Have Your Say - Todays Poll

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taize | 20:08 Thu 23rd Oct 2008 | Site Suggestions
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What is going on? - the substance of the Todays Poll appears to be 'based' on 'suspect' BBC reporting ..... {An epic saga in three chapters, follows}! ....
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have Your Say / Todays Poll for some 10 days has been .... � Do you think that bars and clubs that give away free booze should be shut down for encouraging binge-drinking and 'putting young women in danger'? �
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This Poll then has been further 'marketed' by AB through comment on on640712.html....

� Todays Poll

Hi guys,

With regards to todays poll:

What do you think? Are the alcohol companies fighting a battle they can't win? Should they just roll-over and play ball?


AB Editor Wed 15/10/08 09:50 �

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ meanwhile over on Food and Drink .... see first answer below ....


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Question Author
...... cont'd ...... (the BBC reporting is robustly challenged) Question641081.html

The government is keen to promote sensible drinking and cut levels of public drunkenness ...

�The drinks industry has condemned draft government proposals which could ban bars from giving free alcohol to women.

Under proposals being considered by ministers, restrictions could also be introduced on pub "happy hours", and health warnings placed on drinks.�

Surely it is discrimination to ban bars from giving free alcohol to women, and not to men as well?

taize Thurs 16/10/08 00:31
�answers� on the above, include -

That's a rather naughty bit of reporting by the BBC.

The British Beer and Pub Association published a document, called 'Wake Up For Westminster' a month ago, calling upon the Government to reduce taxes and red tape on the drinks' industry. A reporter, struggling for a story, seems to have picked up on aspects of that report and combined it with concerns about increased 'binge drinking' among women.

He or she has then sought responses from the Department of Health and the BB&PA and effectively fabricated a story. A quick check of the Department of Health's website shows that there have been no recent press releases regarding new policies or current consultations on the sale of alcohol. Similarly, there are no relevant press releases on the BB&PA website.

Nobody is trying to discriminate against women. Indeed, nobody has yet made any formal proposals of the type in
Question Author
...... final comment .....

It seems that the substance of the 'Have Your Say / Todays Poll is 'suspect' .....
and the AB reasoning behind such polling is confirmed by Ed in comment on this thread - on643723.html

��. This section is here to allow people to discuss polls if they want to. We don't put them up for no reason, we use poll stats for other things within our company, not just to start debate �.
AB Editor
Wed 22/10/08
12:15 �

I wonder of what use the polling stats will be?

especially since some Abers are not enthusiastic about Polloing .... demonstrated by this comment on - on640712.html

�You are asking us for our views on your poll ED , well....
on our profile page it asks if we want to be paid for our views through e mail or text...
I think you are going in by the back door on this one and getting our views for free...
�1 per survey / answer ? no one has been paid for this

Wed 15/10/08
10:24 �

I suggest that less reliance is placed on 'wild' reporting?
well having followed the above through, seems to me that AB has latched onto a bum steer!
hi taize,


have you seen that the Poll has changed today!

maybe your comment has been taken note of by AB - or was the change just coincidental timing !

I, for one don't believe in 'coincidental timing' ..... so, well done for challenging the the substance of the last AB Todays Poll that appeared to be 'based' on 'suspect' BBC reporting .... and, therefore undermined credibility in AB Polling .....

BUT, don't be surprised if your thread gets 'no comment' from the AB Ed :-))
I see nothing has changed at AB .....

A new Ed, seemingly as skilled in face-saving as deceased Eds

AB in --> in denial

though, collecting 'bum' data for its paymasters.

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Have Your Say - Todays Poll

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