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What would you like to see in your Answer Bank Newsletter

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yapisle | 11:56 Wed 01st Oct 2008 | Site Suggestions
2 Answers
The choices given in the 'Vote' are -

News / Reviews / Travel Articles / User Created

BUT, you are only allowed to vote for one of the above - not multiples ..... and, the item(s) that you personally would like to see may not be one of the chosen few above!

All, a bit of a nonsense and likely to result in incomplete/inaccurate information being transmitted to AB Towers !

Can't something a little better be thought up .... e.g some have opted to receive the Newsletter, others have not .... perhaps, a key interest point therefore is 'why not' ?

Need for a step-up in AB Towers thinking :-) plenty of umemployed out there from which to recruit and re-energise thinking !


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User created , all the others I can get elsewherre
stats maybe like top poster, amount of posts in last week or whatever, how many newcomers...

Would say top categories for posting but would be no surprises there :)

Would say question of the week (most posts) but then that may not be such a good idea either!

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What would you like to see in your Answer Bank Newsletter

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