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Editing and Banning

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brawburd | 22:27 Fri 17th Sep 2004 | Site Suggestions
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Can I suggest that editors separate their reactions to those who are actively posting abuse from those who are defending themselves? There has previously been lacklustre or non-existent editorial action to abusive posts, therefore posters (myself included) have needed to respond themselves. Hopefully the report button will change this. Targeting of the culprits rather than the victims may create a better morale amongst long-term users and keep them on the site. This is not to condone any kind of abuse, but is to understand why people like Smudge and Anniekon feel the need to respond. Just a suggestion based on good management skills.


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This posting by brawburd has been made knowing it to be incorrect and with racial bias.I live in Bury Park, Luton, an area of black people of which I am one. Smudge/Anniekon caused the following post to appear in Answerbank; "Luton is the S**t hole of the Universe, especially the Bury Park area, in fact I don't think it's part of England anymore is it? smudge Thurs 19/08/04" Smudge/Anniekon then confirmed that it was deliberately racist with "Enlighten me about Bury Park please! Lodekka Thurs 19/08/04 Lodekka, if I did I'd be classed as a racist, so I'd best not elaborate any further! smudge Thurs 19/08/04" Smudge/Anniekon then went on to insinuate that all who live at Bury Park are "blackberries". As brawburd well knows all that has been sought is an explanation or an apology, neither of which have been forthcoming. Isa Blakbory Fri 17/09/04
I am getting very bored with all this arguing about an area of Luton which I have never visited and of which I know, amd wish to know, very little. Can't you talk about hooters or something instead?
Question Author

I made no reference to yourself Isa.

Please note. This thread will not make much sense, following the banning of one user who had posted several inappropriate answers here. - AB Editor

cant we just BURY this once and for all?
I am not often in agreement with Bernardo but I agree wholeheartedly today. I also support Brawburd's post.
I agree with Brawburd, bernado and vittoria.
I ask you to consider this, please, brawburd. How Anniekon/smudge can possibly begin to see herself as a battered underdog scrapping against malign forces (black people) is beyond understanding. An honest, honourable way to amend this matter would have been to say, long, long ago, that she had realised that she had done something wrong and is sorry.
Hi brawburd, Thank you & others for your support. I had witten to AB Ed today informing him that I do not wish to participate any longer, but I now see on People & Places at the latter end of 'Goodbye Everybody' that Isa has really gone overboard this time with his comments. I am today visiting Dunstable Police & taking the matter further.
P.S. I have printed out all the relevant information from way back, including the threats.
Question Author
"Isa" - I previously stated that Smudge had made errors of judgement in her initial posting. However, your own actions have taken this into another arena, and you are very wrong to be making threats. My support for Smudge and Anniekon is based entirely on your threats.
What threats? Anniekon/smudge posted on Answerbank an open invitation:- We live in Dunstable, Beds, which is a small town. We have an ambulance station, fire station, magistrates court, library, college, leisure centre with two swimming pools, several night clubs. Having said all that, we have a beautiful thatched roof pub/restaurant a few doors away from our house, so if you're passing..... smudge Thurs 19/08/04 and I have merely said that I am in a position to provide people to take up that invitation who wish to debate face to face Annikon/smudge's contempt of black people:- Luton is the S**t hole of the Universe, especially the Bury Park area, in fact I don't think it's part of England anymore is it? smudge Thurs 19/08/04". Where's the threat in that?
Thank you for your concern brawburd, consider it reported.
Question Author
"Isa", your inability to see the problem or to have a discussion without reposting the same stuff says it all.
1. You pretend there are threats, so I have merely set it all out for you again, and ask you, again, where's the threat in that? 2. Is it reasonable that Anniekon/smudge should apologise in the terms of my posting elsewhere which you have read and so put an end to the matter?
I have not been paying much attention to the details of this argument, but one thing which I have realised, and which Isa still does not seem to have noticed, is that Anniekon and Smudge are two different people. So why does Isa keep referring to a single fictitious person by the name of "Anniekon/Smudge"?
Question Author
"Isa": Thanks for responding (1) I believe that drawing attention to where someone lives and inviting people to visit them is threatening. You may counter by saying that Smudge herself gave out information. However, you have elaborated on this and quite clearly stated that you have sought out the house, or encouraged others to do so. (2) I can't speak for anyone else about an apology. My feeling is that it has gone past this because of your own behaviour. You don't accept responsibility for your actions so how can you demand that anyone else does so for theirs?
Question Author
I feel I have said all I can on this matter so won't be posting anything further. To summarise my feelings: (1) racist comments are unacceptable in any form (2) threats are unacceptable in any form (3) editing on this site is inconsistent
Hello, brawburd. I have not sought out the house of Anniekon/smudge, and have not encouraged others to do so. Neither do I intend to do so. Both of my parents died at an early age and consequently for many decades I have had to accept sole responsibility for my actions, there being no-one else. As the owner of a company for many years I have also had to accept sole responsibility for the employment actions of many people around the world, 1,812 at the last count.
Isa Blackbory - you just said, "I have not sought out the house of Anniekon/smudge, and have not encouraged others to do so." but you clearly did a lot of digging.

All smudge (note: not Anniekon) said was, "[...]We have a beautiful thatched roof pub/restaurant a few doors away from our house[...]"

From that, you deduced (and posted many times), "To 10,000 people around here this is very clearly a road called Kingsway, Dunstable, and the house is equally very clearly one of a very small number of scruffy semi-detached 1930's houses adjacent to a well known pub on the A505 called the Norman King. Purely out of interest a number of students from Dunstable College which is a couple of hundred yards away walked up there yesterday and claim to have identified the exact house." I know I'd be annoyed and worried if someone had just done that to me. This site isn't for doing detective work on people's posts and working out where they live. In fact, as mentioned before, it's not just against the terms and conditions of this site, it's also illegal.

Your story about your parents is sad, your story about your job is interesting, but both are rather irrelevent.
After having nightmares that people were out to get me & my family, Isa/w0g/Maude/Maud now denies ever threatening me. Fortunately, I had printed out all the relevant threats, written & posted by Isa/w0g/Maude/Maud, which will be deleted by the AB Ed on Monday, & of which the Police were very interested in yesterday.

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