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BBWCHATT | 18:08 Mon 07th May 2007 | Site Suggestions
18 Answers
Why can't they stop the flood of Quizzes & Puzzles questions being posted in Food & Drink Section? They are taking over!!!


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its not good enough, doing you out of a job which you do so well. you should start charging for your recipes > : )
I see nothing wrong with them being there as long as they are specifically concerned with food and/or drink.
Question Author
Thank you fine, thanks.

Stewey - if I wanted to waste my time reading Quizzes & Puzzles questions, I would go to that Section - WHICH I DON'T!!!
thats you put in your place stewey,,,,,,,,, dont mess with BBW.
Hi, fine, thanks. I tend to not associate with multiple exclamation marks and loud capital letters.
Question Author
Stewey - you are not important enough - in the grand scheme of things - to be successful in insulting me.
what i can't understand bbw, if you don't go into Q & P, how do know some of the questions given on food and drink have been answered in Q & P? i have often seen you reply to certain posts in food & drink saying "answered in q&pthis morning, or whenever...!!

Question Author
Very astute of you Allotment.

I don't KNOW whether or not they have been answered in Quizzes & Puzzles. I just got tired of suggesting they try posting their questions there - and even though I never go there - I am sure some of them have been.
lol, so if someone asks a question on Q & P, about a recipe or food it's okay to reply "been answered on food & drink this morning," or whenever.. hoping that you or someone has replied to them ? ;-)
There's a big difference between an insult and a opinion.
There's a big difference between an insult and a opinion.
Well, yes....that's what I thought also, ummmm. She did go off on a tangerine didn't she?
Question Author
This was a question - not an opinion poll.
thats exactly what i'm saying stewey, there's quite a lot of them in food & drink saying they've been answered on Q&P (from bbw) when we know they haven't been,
BBW - what difference does it make as long as it's to do with food,drink,cookery etc,
i have never seen anyone on Q & P complain or rerfer them to food & drink when someone has posted a question on Q & P about food, drinks, etc,
after all, we're all here to help each other, and sometimes crosswords/puzzles/quizzes ask about certain foods/drinks/etc so maybe some folk would think it better to ask in food & drink.
Thanks Stewey ..drop me in it !

People ask crossword questions all over the shop ..I can't see what the fuss is about .If they ask a reams of them as sometimes happens .... you can point them in the direction of Q&P where us regulars in there will do our best to help them .If you can't or don't want to answer them them just don't read them ! If you do know the answer then just give it to them !
As for saying these have been answered in Q&P "this morning" that is very unhelpful . How do you know this if you never go in there ?The search category is a fiasco anyway so that's why people probably give up and post where they think they are most likely to get an answer.
True shaneystar2.

If you don't like them, just ignore them. It's as simple as that.
I for one still prefer the old days when we didn't have all these bloomin drop down different sections, hardly anyone puts them in the right one and it just takes longer to trawl through them all.

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