banning or suspending people

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steve2010 | 21:25 Fri 19th Jan 2007 | Site Suggestions
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i notice from previous posts and moaning from people who are suspended,that they are not told,, why are they not notified of this instead of just letting it happen,it would be better all round for everyone.


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because unless we make a song and dance about it and keep banging on at the ed or the techno team, nothing gets done. Although i also like moaning, it is therapeutic as it annoys the pedants and irritates a few people, my work is done.
OMG - you on a mission steve2010?
Must be awful to be suspended steve2010.

I've never been suspended since I joined in 2002, so contrary to popular belief, I must have done some things right on AB!
isn't the key issue - when a 'banned' Aber does not know the reason?

as for 'enjoying moaning' ..... 'it annoys' 'irritates' .... go and get some professional help
Only professional help i need prospector aka Parthenon (and probably lots of other whinging double-standard so called policing id's) is from the House of Smirnoff, lighten up kidder, it's a bloody website and you don't pay for it nor do i we pay for the electric the phone and the broadband and we can use it how the hell we like, God idiots like you really get up my nose, you're so stuck on dictating to people what the rules are and then you trip yourself up and we find out you have at least two names both of which you use to contribute nothing to the site but to tell other people how to behave , what a double standard, i am reporting you to the ed via email and you better decide which one of your extremely dull and boring ids you prefer to keep, though hopefully the ed will ban both. deservedly so,/

Sorry Steve.
I have reported EVERYBODY tonight, regardless. I just got this twitchy feeling in my fingers so it was hopeless trying to resist it. I have reported a question about coathangers and another about saucepans. That'll learn them.

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banning or suspending people

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