How about Listing the 5 top questions of the week ?

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almcd007 | 17:29 Mon 11th Dec 2006 | Site Suggestions
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You could , say on the left hand or right hand side of the website list the top 5/10 questions asked that week. Such as what is the music in the debenhams/carling/m&s/dobbies adverts etc ?


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I did suggest something similar with answers. I think we should have a star chart!!!
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I'm sick of seeing the same questions ummmmm, there's options to see if your question has been answered as we know when you are about to post - so why aren't they picking them out ? I think it would work such as "What people are asking this week !" and list popular/common repeated questions then click on the link to the question - it could also flag up before you are able to post your question ?
Yeah and those that blithely ask the question anyway, regardless of it already being asked at least twice already, should be garroted ;-)
sometimes deoending on how you've worded the header it doesnt always pick up the same question. but some things are being asked an awful lot but dont let it get to you. :-) Its nice sometimes to be helpful and just send them a link to the other question. I think if they went buy your suggestion those people would not look there either :-)
After the same question has been asked three times on the same page, it should be compulsory to give a really dumb / obscure answer that relates in no way to the question ... that way the people that have had to read it over and over again would get more longevity from it.
That kind of answer naz borders on being...

tasty, tasty, very very tasty!! lol ;-)
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Santa Baby, slip a Carling under the tree, or three
Is it really Miss Bassey or a fake
And tell me if its really Bran Flakes.

Sorry - I apologise now !!!
I'm on a forum where there is a space on the left hand side showing the most viewed posts and the most answered ones. There's a list of ten of each so it is possible but I think it all depends on the website set up.
Hi almcd007,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I think that's a great idea. We'll have to work out how to judge what the top 5 or 10 questions are - any ideas?

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I think maybe only a couple of the categories would benefit - I don't think it's needed accross the topic list - Maybe :


as a lot of these cross the border into the next category a lot of the time.

Maybe you could have a "Suggest this question for top five" option somewhere or filter out the appropriate question by sbject e'g M&S/Carling/Shirley Bassey and this would flag up a possible contender ?

Maybe if you had a rate this question button then the questions with the most stars wins
Yes Ed, list the top 5 or 10 questions, there are 2 ways I can see, either the most viewed questions or the most replied to questions.

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How about Listing the 5 top questions of the week ?

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