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how about a "jokes" or "shameless plugs" category

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bednobs | 11:23 Sun 10th Dec 2006 | Site Suggestions
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quite often when people have found something funny or sad on the internet, they want to share it with others, so how about a section for it? It would prevent sections like body and soul getting clogged up with links that people find funny, and would prevent people just copy/pasting tedious/sexist/racist jokes into b and s ( well, actually it might not, but then at least i dont have to read them accidentally)
As you can probably tell, im not one for jokes, and seldom find them funny, as they mainly seem to ely on stereotypes so if they were consigned to their own little oasis, then the people that wernt miserable like me would be happy, and i would be happy!


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Don't know of a "shameless plug" cat, but there is a Jokes sub-cat of Phrases & Sayings...
bedknobs, I heartily agree with you. I for one would love to see B+S return to what it was,a question and answer site for problem's to do with the body. It's become another Chatterbank now and it's shame to watch what was a good site go down the pan. If anyone dare's to object,all they're told is... Get a life!, Grow up! and "If you don't like it,don't read it" but that's not the answer. I would love to see the return of Chatterbank thus allowing B+S to return to what it used to be.
I'll repeat what I said as I know some people have difficulty reading, there already is a "Jokes" category.

The fact that peeps don't use a category for what it is intended, well that's another issue altogether...

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how about a "jokes" or "shameless plugs" category

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