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BBWCHATT | 23:49 Fri 08th Dec 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Am I the only one who is sick of all the quiz questions in all the categories??? I never go to "Quizzes & Puzzles" - apparently neither do the people who want the answers!!!


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Corrr BB have you been let out of Food & Drink then? LOL

The problem, from what I've seen, is that although it's for a competition the answer they're looking for, they put it in the category they think is appropriate, for example they'll assume as a question is Christmassy related it belongs in the Christmas category.

Whilst I sympathise with ya, and I secretly tut when I see em, I genuinely don't think we can blame 'em for being confused and not getting how AB runs.
Question Author
lol Boo - I do, on rare occasions, venture beyond Food & Drink :)

My point is that AB always seem to police things, but don't seem to make any attempt to correct this - it gets more irritating all the time!!! If we were interested in reading about or helping with them, we would hang out in Quizzes & Puzzles. I think I will go in there for once - just to see if ANYONE ever posts in there!!!

I guess I am just a little more irritable that usual at the moment - I just have to remember that "this too shall pass"!!!
Quizzes and Puzzles has the heaviest traffic on AB ..I spend a lot of time in there and and for me a dedicated cruciverbalist it is one of the best sections on here .We all get on well and the occasional spat is soon forgotten.As for people who post their quiz questions in other cats .. a polite message asking them to post in the correct category is all that is needed .
Some are thick skinned and continue to blithely post willy nilly .. post after post as seen by the ream of stuff in Arts and Lit in spite of polite messages. Which is annoying because they bung up the pages for others.
You will find that after Christmas this sort of thing will all disappear.Lots of people do these quizzes for charities at Christmas time etc .
So I always live and let live . The odd quiz question here and there is neither here nor there :))
And ....I forget to mention ...the odd quiz question I can live with.... but had you been around when the Marlboro lot were in full fettle you would have been climbing the walls or a gibbering wreck up a corner somewhere !!!
............ Well said shaneystar2 !!
the people who want answers obviously think the best people to ask are the experts who haunt the particular catagories would you not agree with that BB?

It's bad ... but is it as bad as all the chat in B&S ?
Question Author
Everyone please excuse the stupid question and my short fuse. It is no excuse, but I lost my Uncle this week - the last one of his generation in my family - guess it affected me more than I had thought. I typically have a live and let live attitude - just not my style to be this picky!!! Forgive me please.
Don't worry about it BB....we all have our "off" days included !! Short fuses on here are par for the course at times. !
Sorry to hear about your Uncle and hope you are feeling much better now ..
Just post anything under b&S at that seems to be the place where most people hang out. I follow about a third of the topics here but I am sure others follow more or all of them so probably those posting under some categories will get a reply at some stage. if a topic does not float your boat then why complain about it because you don't have to read that topic, do you?
Sorry to hear about your Uncle BB.

It's always nice to know some others genuinely care, so hope these sentiments help to make you feel better.
Question Author
Thank you Shaney & Smudge - he called me every day - I miss him a lot. I didn't share it to get sympathy though - just a tiny way of explaining my temporary bad behavior and ask for forgiveness. You guys on AB are the best!!!
You're very welcome BB.

It's heartbreaking losing someone so close to you. Take care.

BB- sorry to hear about your uncle.

Don't worry about the short fuse (was pretty tame compared to what's normally posted by folks who are naffed off!). Like Shaney has said, we all have ou off days, I've lost count of the number of times i've lost the plot on 'ere!

Now get back to Food & Drink where you belong ;-)
Question Author
lol Boo - that's what I get for not staying in my place!!! :)

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