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industrial action ie strike.

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crete | 18:29 Tue 14th Nov 2006 | Site Suggestions
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looking at todays questions is strike action an option ?


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how long until this question gets banned ?
Strike? By whom?
Question Author
all the abers complaining about the new catagories. and topics
rofl, nahhhhh, not a chance...think there's a remote possibilty anyone could keep quiet long enough?

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speak for yourself boo,
I suggested a strike weeks ago, come on brothers ( and sisters ) lets do it!! :o)
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all union fees to craig.
What do we want--- back as it was
When do we want it---NOW!!!
rogerr - will co!
im with you rodg!!!
I haven't been on strike since the 70's, but it don't half feel good.

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industrial action ie strike.

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