View all topics is incompatible with page refresh (in IE)

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gen2 | 16:11 Wed 18th Oct 2006 | Site Suggestions
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I suggest you look further at your implementation of the new 'View all subtopics' feature. I am using Windows XP and Internet Explorer as my browser.

If I click on 'Topics' then (even if I click on it once more to close them down again) it won't let me refresh the page. I get the following error message:

'The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information'

What information? I ask myself.

Other users will no doubt tell you how it behaves on other browsers.


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Hm, I am also using Windows XP with IE 6 and this feature works fine for me.
works ok for me too gen2 - tried it on this page and the AB home page
Works fine for me gen2, and I'm using Windows XP
Windows XP / Internet Explorer, working OK for me too.
It does the same for me as it does for gen2 :(
(but not when closing the sub-topics)
I'm on Windows XP and had a lot of trouble with IE so changed to Firefox and it's much better, can see lots of things that were previously blanked.
I am on Firefox and it won't let me refresh the page either after closing the Topics bit .I get "The page you are trying to view contains postdata "and so on and so forth.
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Thanks everyone for your contributions. It looks as if it is probably a security settings issue since the fault has also shown up on Firefox but some users of each browser also have no problems at all.

The Javascript requires a 'Submit()' and this obviously needs to be resubmitted at every refresh. Some people's browsers may be set to automatically resubmit data, but the more security paranoid amongst us get this prompt every time. As far as I'm concerned, I just won't expand the menu. No great loss, didn't want them anyway.

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View all topics is incompatible with page refresh (in IE)

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