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Eve | 23:38 Sun 17th Sep 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Is there any way we can do this for racist etc.. posts? eg the current one that's just popped up on Body & Soul?


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Jenna- just do what i did, underneath the actual questions, theres an option to report the question. If enough people do- takes a minimum of 3 folks, it'll disapear.
Oooh what did I miss now?
what where when, i missed that
Question Author
some racist crap about why don't a certain entire ethnic group go home!!! it didn't stay on for long
Question Author
am i being really dense, i can't see the report bit :( help!
Jenna - you are still green (been here less than 2 weeks) so you can't report anything. Once you are grey you will be able to see the report buttons.
lol, hiya again jenna- you wont see it on this post, because you were the questioner, not likely you're gonna want to report your own post is it- lol?

When you reply on someone elses post, if you look directly underneath the actual question, there's 3 tabs- one of them is "report this question"
Ahhhh yes- totally ignore my post then, take note of dresties..............LOL
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AHHHHH! that'll be why then, thanks dr estie :)

For you and dot it followed from wizard69 and babydust's posts, in a similar ilk! disgusting stuff that has no place on here.

Cheers to you too Boo :) x
Thanks for filling us in, Jenna. There are a few ABers that have been freaking me out the past few days, to be honest.
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here we go again, they're back!!!! can't report them myself :(
Its so sad we still have to deal with ignorant racists in this country. I read the comment that was made & tried to reply but it just dissapeard! Well good riddence!!!!!
oh get over yourselves,everyones got a rite to an opinion,NOT just you.
Malibu- as me gran used to say .....

Some opinions are like underwear- not for public airings"
And freedom of speech does have it's limitations...bigoted nonsense just isn't cricket.

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Reporting offensive posts

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