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They may not be imposters

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littletimmy | 17:48 Sun 07th May 2006 | Site Suggestions
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It is worring that if a person reports someone who they think is an imposter the ''imposter'' will probobly have their accounts terminated.My friends and I use this site reguarly and ALL of us have been accused of being imposters of other people eventhough we were perfectly innocent.As a result of others suspicion some of my friends have had their accounts terminated.This is not fair at all.If there is no proof that an AB user is an imposter there accounts should not be removed.Most of the time they are not imposters.


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If there is no proof that an AB user is an impostor their accounts will not be terminated. Some of your friends have had their accounts terminated then?Then logically, based on your above argument, there was proof that they were impostors. Did u know that an impostor is someone who comes on here with a name that is a close version of another user, for example littletimmy and littletiimmy are quite close you know. the main criteria for being an impostor however is for the person who is impostoring to post offensive or derogatory remarks either against another aber or about the person they are impostoring. Now do you get it?

IMPOSTER: one who assumes a false character or passes themselves off as someone else ; swindler.IMPOSTER.

Very Well said Dot! :o)
Respect is earned. Your friends obviously caused trouble in some way to be reported. You must be taking everyone on here for an idiot. Its blatantly obvious very quickly if a greenie is genuine or a trouble maker. We have all been there and avoided getting banned.
littlejimmy...there are dodgy peops about at the moment...u yoursekf got cloned last week when we were accusing u of being a multiple user...these peops poil things on here...imyself am victim of greenies at moment who have it in for me
littlejimmy sang long haired lover from liverpool zeus this is little timmy, ae you confused/
I think if people report you as an imposter, whether they do it maliciously or otherwise, your account gets suspended till the Ed has a look at it. If this ahhpens over the weekend (when the evildoers are most likely to be about) it will mean waiting till Monday. But if you are an upright citizen, it should not last forever.
... ahhpens is a Finnish word...
jno I thought it was Welsh isnit?
Why can I not post?
happens turns into Ahhpens when you've had a few sherrys...hehe...(:-)


Aliases are not banned just because they are reported. We can view the reporting and user activity of each alias - only after determining that they have registered just to cause trouble or if they are regularly offensive / target other users or in any other way exploit our registration procedures will they be banned from the site.

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They may not be imposters

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