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erronious links in notification e-mails

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Thunderchild | 22:26 Fri 24th Mar 2006 | Site Suggestions
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I have discovered something: whenever I get a notification of and answer to my question the link www.the......etc.html sometimes has the last "l" on the next line and is not part of the link hence the address is actually incorect with the obvious results. example:

on the url below to view it.

< uestion213989.htm

that last l is just there but is not part of the link - I have to be flash quike (especially now my internet conection is faster) to add the last "l" in myself. I have solved the little mystery but I bet many are still wondering what the hell is going on. i think that sections with a long name like internet and technology are the sufferes as the name is long and that last letter gets put on a new line. must be a problem in the code generator fot the automatic mail notifications and I hope it can be fixed


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Question Author
pray explain that jibberish. as I said I have rsolved the problem and have had it for a while on various windows instalations so there is a problem with AB
Question Author
This is the html code of a typical error.

note: 9.htm</A>
l&gt; as you can see the link tag is placed after m not l that is after the break tag and out of the link tag section

<P CLASS="western" STYLE="margin-bottom: 0cm">An answer to your
question &quot;self controlled mouse&quot; has been found.
click on the url below to view

&lt;<A target='_blank' href=" uestion212179.htm"> ernet_and_Technology/Question212179.htm</A> />l&gt;

you, AB Editor.


Yes, this is what I said the other day:

They started working again for a day or so, and now the newer email links are broken again :(

Question Author
nice to know I'm not the only observant one around here

Hi All

Thank you for the information. The Techies are now aware of the situation and will hopefully be able to sort out the broken links.



The problem is in your email software/client which cuts the lines and has problems with marking the links.

Also, to add what JpP has mentioned:

Our techies found a way to make the links shorter as it's the only way to make them cutting resistant in some email software/clients. Some may continue to be cut, but that is a result of your email provider, not the AB.

Question Author
well thanks for your efforts. it seems that the Internet_and_technology is the main sufferer as the longest.

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erronious links in notification e-mails

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