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AuntPG | 11:28 Thu 28th Oct 2021 | Site Suggestions
18 Answers
In the last hour the only new posts have been Spam for Gummies and Keto. Why are they not being removed?


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Cus there are no Mods about.
Ive asked before but why are they even allowed to appear, why arent some of the keywords filtered out at least. I reported lot's but they stay.
Thank's. All gone now. Plus another that just flashed up. Your post helped AuntPG
Question Author
Ive seen forums go down the pan because of uncontrolled spam. Its annoying because I know if I'd called some a rude name, or broke Site Rules, my post would be zapped within minutes. Some of these ads has been up for nearly an hour. Makes you wonder..............
I tried to report a few but as soon as I clicked on them, they had already been deleted.
And the Keto ones.
as each one goes another one or two follow
Just filter ot KETO and Gummies or CBD we can manage without them words
Question Author
Corby what prompted my post was looking at 'latest posts' and finding all new posts from 10.30 to 11.25 were Spam -and the earliest one at 10.30 was still live. All gone now -until ......oh hang on there's another one lol!
The ones I seen were in the "most recent" list but like I posted, I was too slow to report them.

They will be deleted by a Mod only if they are seen and if there is a flurry of genuine posts, the spam ones will quickly disappear from the "most recent" list.
I meant "Latest", not "Most Recent".
In just one news thread, I have just counted nine posts between 10:30 - 11:25 to-day, including one of yours at 11:21, so your impression they were all spam posts during that time appears to be mistaken.
We're certainly not at the level of uncontrolled spam. If there is spam that hasn't been removed, it's because there are no mods or eds about. And no, we can't block spam before it happens, unfortunately it isn't that simple.

Mods do a very good job of getting rid of spam and most of the time when I am about to remove it, someone has just beaten me to it.
Question Author
Corby // In just one news thread, I have just counted nine posts between 10:30 - 11:25 to-day, including one of yours at 11:21,//

I'm not referring to replies in threads -I'me referring to NEW posts. go look in News -there have only been two new Threads posted since 7am this morning!
Perhaps there's nothing much going on that isn't already being discussed. It happens.
Question Author
Naomi that is not the point of the thread. I stated that in latest posts as of 11.30 am the last five posts (New Threads) were all Spam and they were all still 'live' even though a couple had been there nearly an hour. . Corby mistook 'new posts for new replies.
I understood what you said, apg. Just saying that it's not unusual for a section to go quiet occasionally - and you've already been told why the spams weren't removed immediately.

I'll leave you to it.
You referred to, "latest posts" and not to "latest threads" but the important thing is that the ED is happy with what the Mods are doing and the site isn't about to disappear in a swamp of spam.

Question Author
Corby, a Post becomes a Thread when people reply. Thats why OP means 'Original Poster' not 'Original Thread starter' .

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