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FAQ Section?

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IndieSinger | 20:48 Thu 02nd Jun 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Hows abouts a FAQ section for the n00bs? Their welcome e-mail could point them in the direction of it. It would be good for the rest of us, actually, as well. It could have things like, "Why are some usernames snot-coloured?", "Why is there no XXX category?", "Why can I sometimes not see the 'Report' buttons?" and "Is the AB Editor male, female or neuter?"

When I said "Why is there no XXX category?", I meant replace the XXX with whatever whim is in fashion at the moment, not "Why is there no hardcore pornographic section?"

*Gets idea for another suggestion*

... Anyway, it would also be easier for people to be able to accurately inform new users why something is so without taking the time to explain it. (You could just write, "Hello new member. Please check the FAQs for an answer to your question." Which, admittedly, may be longer than actually giving the answer.

In any case, you could also ('cause that's not nearly enough work for the AB technical boy - I mean team) tie in an "About This Site" section (what the first question was, who owns it etc.)



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That is a brilliant idea, IndieSinger. Really very, very useful.
An excellent idea. An extra little box on the homepage would be good.

That's a cool idea IndieSinger! the sort that makes you think "Why didn't I think of that?"

I esp loved the XXX part that really made me chuckle! :o) You have a great sense of humor!


My, aren't you a clever person!! I want to marry clever people like you!

I think a penguin would do a better job tho.

seriously tho, good idea Indie. Hope ABed takes it onboard.

why IS there no hardcore porn section?

hah, loving the news about the .xxx sites though

*raises hand* let's confirm the newbie status here...

why are some user names snot coloured?

great idea indiesinger, and i love the humour.

Hi Minimatronic, a green name indicates that it has been created within the last two weeks.

If you look on the home page it explains it there.

Question Author

Minimatronic - check the FAQ section for an answer to your... oh not yet.

New users' names stay green for a week or so, so that we know who's new and who's not. Its main benefit is combatting people impostering other users (people used to sign up with a username almost identical to a long-standing member, for instance using a capital i in place of an lower-case L (I vs. l)). If this happens now, it's clear that it's not the long-standing member, 'cause their username wouldn't be green :)

...unless they wait 2 weeks B4 posting and then the name would be black...

I notice Minimatronic isn't in fact green. Probably just pretending to be a newbie to claim the introductory chocolate cake retrospectively.

And of course the fact that it's explained on the home page, and people still don't know, makes me wonder if explaining it again on a FAQ page will help.

Good one Indie, And shouldn't it literally include FAQs such as where can I learn to make scoubies that are tasty tasty very very tasty? Plus a guide to how to use the "Has your Question been previously asked?" page.
excellent idea. Now if we could just couple that with a search engine that actually searches for what you want....
woofgang, one of the glories of the search engine, like that of a Brewer's dictionary, is that you dip into it and find something you didn't know you didn't know, and it leads you further and further away from your original goal but into ever more interesting territory. We must never get too focused.

A great suggestion Indie!


  • Why can't we have a Country of Origin facility?
  • Why can't we have a Spell Check facility?

You've started something now Indie!

  • Why can't we have an Edit facility?

He, he!

What do you want to edit, smudge? You mean go back and remove the typos from something you've posted?
A spill chick wood bee grate butt a gramma chuck wood bee bitter.........

The spell chech would be useful, smudge. Don't you think, IndieSinger? I reckon everyone else thinks that"s a constructive suggestion, too.

Spell check and not chech - that was not done on purpose but it does show how we could do with one!

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