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Dutch Kestrels

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melv16 | 13:07 Wed 22nd May 2024 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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5 chicks has been seen this morning. 



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One chick is smaller than the others.

Could be a tiny year?😟

Question Author

The smallest chick has died 😢 

Is it still in the nest melv?  Looks like it to me.

Perhaps not, looks like 4 now.

I can't watch this without getting upset. The little ones hardly stand a chance of eating any food poor things.

Question Author

I think the male has disappeared. 

Question Author

I've watched lots of kestrel nests and this is normal behaviour, LB. There's usually massive food fights when prey is brought in. When it's in short supply only the strongest and fittest will survive, unless supplementary is used.

Question Author

2 chicks have died overnight and at least one has been eaten by the survivors...nothing is wasted in nature 

Thank you melv. I haven't looked this afternoon and I'm not sure I want to now.  I'm guessing it's not just Kestrels that do this, am I right?

I know it happens but seeing it is another matter.

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I've seen a tawny owl eat its own dead chick. Barn owls also feed their dead chicks to their young. Spring watch showed a peregrine eating a live chick.

Oh yes I saw something like that over the last few days.  All these chicks in their nest begging for food and a predator flies in and eats them all.  Might have been on Spring Watch.

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Dutch Kestrels

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