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I T Was National Bird Box Week Last Week So I Ordered Two Of These, Amongst Other Things...

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Tilly2 | 19:16 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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I put one in the garden this morning and, within ten minutes, two robins were having a good look at it. They've been bobbing about all day. Delightful.

I'll put the other one up tomorrow, weather permitting.



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That looks very interesting Tilly. We have had a normal nestbox on a garden wall for about 7 yeaars and it had never been used (except by bees once) but last year finally a pair of great tits raised one brood in it.

How high up would it need to be to be safe from cats?

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They might come back this year, Prudie. 🤞

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Is anyone else interested in this wreath nest?

I am Tilly.  It's where to put it that's the problem.  Next door's cat has made it it's life's work to kill any birds in my garden, particularly Robins.  One spent all day one Sunday nest building just by my patio doors.  The cat sat on the fence watching it.  Next morning when I opened my blinds said cat had just finished killing the little Robin.

What a fabulous idea. I've ordered one. Thank you.

We are lucky enough to have lots of garden birds nesting in our shrubs and hedges but there's always room for more. I shall enjoy getting creative with this; plus it helps to know where to look to spot the nest! 

I got 2 for Xmas and put them on my allotment, replacing the weather beaten ones. I've tried a great tit box this year. I've had 3 successful years with blue tits. I put the hair from my post lockdown haircut and the bluetits used it to completely build their nest out of it.

Can't put them in my garden as it seems to be the boundary of 5 cats territories 😩

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I T Was National Bird Box Week Last Week So I Ordered Two Of These, Amongst Other Things...

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