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askyourgran | 19:30 Sun 22nd Mar 2015 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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About 9.30 this morning I went out to put some washing on the line, and I was caught up in a noise I couldn't identify. I looked all around me and then upwards. The sky was filled with swans flying in formation, honking and chattering to each other as they flew westwards, the noise was tremendous like a train backdraft with all the flapping that was going on. I was mesmerised, there must have been at least forty swans, I've seem ducks and a few Canada Geese in flight but never so many Swans. My neighbour came out to see what was going on too.


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Here's a 'flock' of Romanian ones.
19:50 Sun 22nd Mar 2015
That's funny,

I saw something like that this morning at about that time but it was about 12 Canada geese, heading north in V formation, making quite a racket!

Never seen that many swans in the air before, amazing!

I have seen swans fly in pairs sometimes but never in a flock ( or whatever a group of swans are called ).
How lucky you were. The most I've ever seen is three, and although they were up really high, I could still hear the swoosh of their wings.
Quite often get a huge flock of Canada Geese fly across the field behind us and they make a heck of a noise

They fly in both directions so I guess they take the same route everytime
When they fly in formation it's called 'a wedge of swans', apparently.

It must have been lovely to see AYG. You should have run in for the camera.
it's a wedge of swans when they're flying (though I sometimes suspect these collective nouns are made up)
I have only seen 2 swans fly over as they head back to the river they were very noisy ,
yesterday we nearly got hit by a very low flying mallard while waiting at traffic lights on a canal bridge she came right in front of us ,I don,t think she was expecting so many cars
No, jno. Not made up.

I've heard swans saying, 'Let's wedge up'.
Not mute swans then ? ;-)
No, Chip. :-)
Question Author
I think some swans migrate - not sure what kind they were, I wished I had a camera at the time instead of an armful of wet washing.
I saw 50+ bewick's swans on a field trip to Derwent Dale last week. So, more and likely they'll be that species.
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Not sure what kind they were but it was quite an unforgettable scene. There were two V wedges of swans connecting.

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