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J J | 16:37 Thu 24th Feb 2005 | Animals & Nature
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My Cat has been put onto a steroid called prednicare, to help reduce inflamation and to try and stop my cat from being sick. Why did the vet say that if she is still being sick and taking steroids for the sickness it could be an indication she could have stomach cancer. My cat has been vomiting (being sick) for about 2-3 weeks. She had some blood tests done and an X ray but still can't find nothing, apart from a Gallstone about the size of a pin head. The vet put her on this new diet to try and help the gallstones dissolve but she won't eat this either. she is still being sick and now is going off her food completely she wont even try to attempt to pinch food off our plates anymore. I am very worried about her please help. Thanks.


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Hello. Your poor wee cat, I'm so sorry she's not well. I can totally identify with how you are feeling. Our cat, Hugo, has recently also been put on Steroids for an inflamation in his mouth. This was causing him much pain eating, so much so, that he was almost climbing the walls with pain. He was being sick, but not as much as you mention your wee cat is. Hugo was off his food completely in the worst stages before the steroids - we had to give him soft pate like food and encourage him to lick it off our fingers.


All I can say of any comfort is that the steroids really do work. Give them a chance to kick in and i'm sure you'll find your cat starts eating again. Hugo will be on these steroids for the rest of his life, but at least he's eating. He often struggles with his food, and really takes his time over it.


Another point, is that I often find with Hugo that stress makes the inflamation worse. Is there any chance your wee cat is stressed out (apart from being sick all the time!)? Dog around she doesnt like etc?


Persevere with the tablets - they will make a difference (hint - we crumble them into Hugo's food - he doesnt even know they're there!). I hope your cat gets better. Just keep giving her love and attention. They're hardy animals. She has to go through the rough to get to the smooth. Good luck!

Hi JJ, sorry to hear about your poor cat being ill. I work at a vet's and the best advice I could give you is to take her back to your own vet and explain the problems she is still having. There are a few things they could try, to stimulate her appetite. Prednicare is a commonly used drug and can have very positive results, so keep persevereing, it also tends to boost the appetite in itself. You could also give your vet surgery a ring and and ask for advice over the phone, a good practice will always be willing to put your mind at ease, offer advice and answer any questions you may have on your pets condition. Hope this helps and hope she improves soon.

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