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Cat with weird toilet habits

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Redrum | 15:17 Mon 03rd May 2010 | Animals & Nature
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My cat has started to pee in the bathroom - the bath & basin plug holes - why does he do this, his tray is clean....yet he only goes for No.1s and not No2s thank goodeness lol......


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I am sorry that I have no answer to your question - but trying to understand cat behaviour would drive you nuts.

Maybe your drains are smelling differently and he just wants to his wee-wee to the mix.

My two are pretty good at using their litter tray, they are indoor cats and both share a tray quite happily. But if I don't change and clean it when quickly enough for them they are quite vocal with their complaints.

Susan - owned and trained by Frankie de Tom Cat and Princess Merlin (aka Princess Slasher).
What happens if you keep the bathroom door shut?
This is a longshot but we have had a couple of cats who suddenly started doing this. In both cases they had a urinary tract infection. The vet reckoned that the surface of the smooth bath/sink was less irritating than the litter.
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Now that is interesting Rich, I better get the little furball checked out pronto...oh and I cant keep bathroom door closed, his tray is in
Cats do that, one of mine will persistently wee down the drain at the front of the house but not at the back. They seem to know... I wonder (since their sense of smell is so much better than ours" that somehow the plug smell drain-like. There is no knowing with cats, all I can suggest is that you spray the sink and bath with a lemon cleaner, they don't like the smell of citrus. However - better a wee down the plughole than on the floor....
He wees in the plug hole because he can't balance on the toilet seat, duh. :)
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BoxT, this is true that its nice he doesnt pee somewhere undesirable lol, clever wee thing, haha...cats are really clever, bless them...I do clean up with a citrus disinfectant though but he still repeats it, maybe he likes the smell of lemon ? Loved the joke Ann_h - i wish I could train him to use the loo...
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I should enter him into Britains Got Talent lol ! !
My aunts cat took months of training to do that while she was at work,so I wouldn't complain if I were you.
I can better that (slightly).. my old girl was discover on the loo.. literally...
Lid was already up... and cat was sat on seat - peeing into the loo!!!

No idea how often she did it... but she didnt flush!!!
Cats do as they please. My next door neighbour used to have a lovely honeysuckle plant.When you had your windows opened on a summer evening the scent was beautiful, that was until all the neighbourhood cats started peeing in it. The poor old honeysuckle had to go!

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Cat with weird toilet habits

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