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Should the "Wash-Up" Period Of Parliament Be Removed?

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AB Editor | 11:52 Mon 29th Mar 2010 | Animals & Nature
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The wash-up period of a parliament is upon us. This is the period of parliament where bills are put in place to be "nodded through" in the next parliament.

As Martin Bell of the Guardian comments:

"Eighteen bills are going into the wash-up in the few remaining weeks of a discredited parliament. At this point the votes that got them this far, in both houses, will count for nothing. Horse-trading takes over from due process. Many bills will fall at this final hurdle.

And those which cross the finishing line may well be those with powerful interests behind them. One of these is the digital economy bill, which would serve the purposes of the recording industry and may end up on the statute book with insufficient scrutiny."

Do you think this "wash up" process is pragmatic or dangerous?



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Should the "Wash-Up" Period Of Parliament Be Removed?

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